6×7 Networks in partnership with Digital Realty Trust to foster 600g Network Expansion

San Francisco, Sep 11, 2019 (Issuewire.com) – 6×7 Networks, is the world’s only fully encrypted Global Telecommunications Carrier, announced today a new Point-of-Presence (PoP) at Digital 365 Main, located at 365 Main Street, San Francisco, CA 94105. The facility currently contains 8,600 kW of critical IT capacity and services early, middle-market and Fortune 1000 corporations and other telecommunications carriers.

This new PoP furthers 6×7’s goal of providing businesses and networks in the San Francisco Bay Area with additional connectivity options, enabling greater bandwidth and reduced latency through connections as fast as 600GE (600 gigabit Ethernet).  Additionally, customers of Digital 365 Main will experience improved fault tolerance, load balancing and congestion management infrastructure capabilities for the delivery of both IPv4 and IPv6 access services, as well as fully encrypted layer2 transport to Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud. They will also have the opportunity to exchange traffic with 6×7’s rich global network.

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“365 Main is one of the most resilient telecommunications facilities on the planet, able to move up to 18 inches in any direction during a seismic event, the sidewalk is designed to fall away in a major earthquake.  If you have critical telecommunications infrastructure in California, you want it at 365 Main, and you want it powered by 6×7” says Benjamin Cannon, CEO, 6×7 Networks.  

Ms. Cannon elaborated “The addition of a fourth PoP at Digital 365 Main showcases 6×7’s commitment to the City of San Francisco, underscoring our investment in the #1 economy in the world.  This is a strategic network expansion for us, and also an opportunity for customers, governments,  and other networks in the San Francisco Bay Area.”

This is the fourth expansion in San Francisco for 6×7 Networks in 2 years. 

6×7 Networks operates the only fully encrypted telecom carrier network in the world, meeting FIPS-140 encryption standards, from core to edge.

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About 365 Main

Originally built as a military tank assembly plant, the 6×7/DRT data center at 365 Main Street has a solid steel and concrete construction, extensive security capabilities, and 8.6 MW of critical IT power load, and 46 telecom carriers.  It is capable of being indefinitely-fueled for unlimited run-time in the event of utility failure. The building has earned an “essential facility” designation thanks to an award-winning friction pendulum system upgrade which isolates the base of the building from its floors, ensuring critical operations are maintained during and after a major seismic event.

About Digital Realty Trust

Digital Realty Trust, Inc. is the world’s largest operator of wholesale datacenter space,  that invests in carrier-neutral data centers and provides colocation and peering services. As of December 31, 2018, the company owned 214 operating data center facilities totaling 34.5 million rentable square feet including 134 in the United States and 38 in Europe. The companies largest operating areas are: Northern Virginia, Dallas, Chicago, New York State, Silicon Valley, and London.

About 6×7 Networks

6×7 Networks, LLC is the world’s only fully encrypted Global Telecommunications Carrier.   Serving the data communications needs of enterprise businesses, government, healthcare, finance, and national interests across the globe for over 26 years, 6×7 applies government-grade security on all links to meet or exceed FIPS-140 standards in hardware on it’s redundant and highly-available global telco backbone.  To better serve it’s customers; 6×7 owns and operates 2 Carrier-Neutral Datacenters in San Francisco and San Mateo, in addition to its bay area, California, Chicago, NYC, and global network of POPs which are integrated into other wholesale carrier partner networks in order to deliver a global wholesale footprint to the carrier community.  This insures a cost-effective, scalable and resilient network that is committed to the wholesale environment and their respective clients. For more information, visit www.6x7networks.com.

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