Harry Coumnas Discovers the Eighth Continent – Zealandia

Area Outside Region, Sep 11, 2019 (Issuewire.com) – Harry Coumnas, a well-known geologist from the US has shaken the world and has changed the modern geography by discovering the existence of the eighth continent – Zealandia. Yes, you heard it right. In his recent interview with BBC News, Coumnas revealed some interesting facts about the newly discovered continent.

The eighth continent called Zealandia is a continent that is submerged in the South Pacific Ocean and New Zealand is known to be the most notable landmass.

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Harry Coumnas shares some quick facts about the sunken continent, such as:

– Zealandia is believed to a massive submerged continent.

– It has a well-defined area with distinctive geography.

– It stretches to around five million square kilometers with 94% of the area submerged underwater.

– It is elevated above the surrounding area and has a very thick crust, much thicker than what is found on the ocean floor.

Nevertheless, still, the question arises as to where this continent has come into sight all of a sudden. Well, having done an extensive study of Earth’s gravitational field, American geophysicist Harry Coumnas believed that Zealandia began to move away from supercontinent Gondwana about 100 million years ago. Although, it was thin when it initially moved away, yet remained a single and intact piece; which could be considered a continent.

About Harry Coumnas

Harry Coumnas is a young geologist from the US who has presented research papers that contribute significantly to the discovery of various geographical aspects of the Earth like volcanoes, earthquakes, tectonic plates, etc. His most recent research paper talks about the existence of a submerged continent Zealandia, which is believed to be Earth’s eighth continent.

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