Versatile Hip-hop Artist El Chingon Quashed a Lot of Myths with his Excellent Songs

El Chingon

El Chingon is a very superlative singer who has justified his talent. The Versatile Hip-hop artist has triggered a lot of fan frenzy with his brilliant songs.

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Hutchinson, Sep 11, 2019 ( – El Chingon is a splendid singer who has made his mark by etching out songs that have captured the imagination of the listeners. His musical journey started from the USA where the genre of hip hop is very popular. The Versatile Hip-hop artist has made leaps and bounds in pursuit of being a successful hip hop star. The artist has got tremendous versatility who has got the urge to explore the tunes of the universe so that he knows about its groove. His music goes beyond the horizon which bypasses the nitty-gritty of mundane life. His music is very intense and has got deeper meanings that can embrace the emotions pouring around us with an open mind. To know more about the singer you can log on to Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and know more about him. You can also log on to major trending platforms like Soundcloud to listen to his music.

El Chingon has delivered songs with very high vibes like ‘Tonight‘, ‘So Good‘, ‘Preparation’ and ‘Lifted’. The songs are of very high intensity and the release is insane. The backdrop of all the songs has heavy electronic. There is an element of fusion in all the songs that have been impressively crafted. This aspect gives the more human touch to the songs which makes it very organic. The mumble in the rap bestows the song with dashes of reality. In the song ‘So Good’ and ‘Preparation’ by El Chingonthe singer has instilled the confidence in the song with flickers of sound with a touch of soft funk. This will make the listener strut down the high streets in a carefree manner. In the song ‘Tonight’ and ‘Lifted’ the singer has given a stunning performance. There is an upbeat bounce in the song which has got an addictive groove and is profoundly uplifting.


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