Britten Wilder’s Views on Dating across the Color Line

Britten Wilder

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Atlanta, Sep 12, 2019 ( – They say love comes in all shapes and sizes, but what about dating outside of your race and skin color? Though interracial marriage rates have remarkably grown in recent years, most people in the US still marry within their own racial group. And when they venture across the color line, they often struggle to get the acceptance from society. Today when everyone has an opinion on the rising prevalence of interracial dating or marriage, International best-selling author Britten Wilder who is known for always speaking his mind also shared his views on this subject during one of his interviews.

When asked if the man or woman of your dream can exist in another race, Britten Wilder said yes, they can. According to Wilder, “The heart doesn’t know the color, the heart just wants someone to love and sometimes your ‘Chocolate’ can come in another flavor.” His views on dating across the color line have definitely won him even more respect from everyone.

About Britten Wilder

Britten Wilder is a well-known author whose first international bestseller entitled, Getting and Keeping your Mate Trained, Whipped, Faithful and on a Leash won him accolades around the world. Following the massive success of his first and subsequent books, Wilder got invited as a guest on many major talk shows. A former talk show host and relationship consultant for some of television’s hottest shows, the author has studied relationships in 10 different countries. He is also a former writer/producer for the award-winning, nationally syndicated top twenty radio show, Coast to Coast; which is heard in 300 markets around the world.

Britten WilderBritten WilderBritten Wilder

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