Get Ready for A Spectacular Adventure, Let The Child In You Enthralled “In The Heart of Dragon”

A Journey to the Land of Sorcery and Adventure

Escape the humdrum and join in on an adventure, with a Robert Kiehn original, “In the Heart of A Dragon”. Another breathtaking story of a man fighting to survive against a dragon, death and destruction.

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Woodbridge, Sep 15, 2019 ( – When evil presence takes over and invasion of foul beasts has consumed the countryside like a plague? Are you ready for another extremely exciting adventure?

Escape the humdrum and join Thomas in his fight for survival with a Robert Kiehn’s original “In The Heart of The Dragon” A Captivating Fantasy Story That Will Leave The Child In You Enthralled.

In the heart of the dragon lies agony, pain, and deceit. The dragon has no mercy, devouring all that lay in its path. The dragon feeds on misery, perverts the truth, and whispers his lies to the innocent. Many people died for inexplicable reasons, kings and queens were no exceptions. `Death comes for the wicked and honourable, the poor and the rich, the weak and the strong. Death came for a family without notice. But one man fights for his survival. Living in a land overrun by evil, a land in turmoil and invaded by foul beasts, which has consumed the countryside like a plague. He must fend for himself in such a cruel place. With fearful rulers and creatures threatening humanity’s destruction, will he find refuge in a more peaceful land?

“This book is a fascinating journey into the lands of sorcery and adventure. Completely recommend this book to readers of the Harry Potter series. This book will enchant you and draw you in.”- Amazon Review

On September 22, 2019, “In The Heart of The Dragon“ premieres its distribution in Canada with a book display at the Toronto Book and Magazine Festival 2019. You may get a copy at the Vivlio Hill Publishing Bookstore in Edmonton, Alberta or visit the author’s website

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About the Author

Robert Kiehn lives in Occoquan Virginia with his girlfriend Olga Volman and his dog Mishka. He has a son Robert and a daughter Anna. His daughter provided the original cover art for this book.

For over twenty years, the author, Robert Kiehn rendered service in military intelligence for the US Army. His job took him to various countries, such as Afghanistan and Iraq. The father of two is currently residing in Virginia, with his girlfriend and their two dogs. He has a son Robert and daughter Anna. His daughter provided the original cover art for this book.


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