Jule Gaige Shares Her Journey To Wholeness and Realization of Our True Potential for Abundance.

Realization of Our True Potential for Abundance Harmony Peace and Joy  Jule Gaige

Realize your true potential by accepting your infinite capacity. Get a copy of “ I Gave up My Life to Find IT” to learn more on how to do this and start enjoying your life the you were intended to.

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Scranton, Sep 15, 2019 (Issuewire.com) – Are you financially dissatisfied? Are you experiencing strain in your relationship? Do the words illness, defeat and frustration strike a chord with you? 

Jule Gaige, author of the book “I Gave Up My Life to Find It” will help us overcome challenges and encourage us for a strong comeback. In her book, I Gave Up My Life to Find IT, Gaige shares her journey to wholeness and her realization of her true potential for abundance, harmony, peace, and joy. Written for anyone that commits to overcoming illness, relationship discord, discontent, addiction or lack/financial unrest, I Gave Up My Life to Find IT expresses a greater life purpose that stems from our own consciousness. This book represents a story of unique expression, where Gaige gently guides the reader through the process to repair the breaks caused by the mind.

Resisting one’s true potential means losing the perspective of how vast and significant the true power of our consciousness truly is. By accepting our infinite capacity, we learn to forget limitations in mind. Gaige’s book is a push back for each of us to “walk our talk”. I Gave Up My Life to Find IT could easily be a record of any one of us on our way to realizing our true reality of pure Love that is the source of abundance; harmony; order; peace and joy.

Jule Gaige achieved the standing of a successful lawyer and CPA, college lecturer, university lecturer and seminar leader. She followed her insight. Her writings describe her journey to wholeness beautifully and that our capacity is truly unlimited. Her book is filled with the divine message in Jule’s outpouring of understanding. She now lives all that she discovered and enjoys each moment, lovingly.

On September 22, 2019, “I Gave Up My Life to Find It” premieres its distribution in Canada with a book display at the Toronto Book and Magazine Festival. After the event, the book will be available at Vivlio Hill Publishing Book store in Edmonton, Canada. You may visit her website www.julegaige.net to know more about Jule Gaige and her books.

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