Ahmad Yasir, Founder of InstaReach LLC, Reflects On Instagram Entrepreneurialism

Ahmad Yasir is a serial internet entrepreneur, owning viral, niche-based pages related to humor, entertainment, and video games. As the CEO of InstaReach LLC, he manages ad campaigns, viral Instagram content, and enjoys a luxurious life in Florida.

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Royal Palm Beach, Sep 15, 2019 (Issuewire.com) – Ahmad Yasir, multi-entrepreneurial investor & LLC holder, has proven himself as a reliable force in the world of Instagram and beyond. In the fast-paced market of guerilla internet investors, Ahmad got his start at a young age with coding in Javascript. From there, he began delving into the world of viral content & social media algorithms in various online communities. Between Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and now Tik Tok, Ahmad structures advertisement campaigns for well-known companies, simultaneously balancing his stakes of viral pages on Instagram. As a force in the entertainment industry, Ahmad understands that there are precautions and legal measures taken before working with any client, company, or entity. Through the utilization of apps, Telegram, Discord, and Instagram influencer group chats, he is self-employed as an investor, CEO, and a connoisseur of the modern-day Instagram trade.

In Ahmad’s life, he came from a humbly active childhood, excelling predominantly in his math & science classes. At the young age of 22 in 2012, along with thousands of other hopeful users, Ahmad invited the opportunity to creatively build his own “viral” content distribution channel. Learning the ethics of Instagram, he respectively maintains posting content within Instagram’s Terms of Service, while retaining the shock value & network potentiality to push his posts toward virality. Personally, he retains his account, “@amad” for more personal, communicative reasons. In many cases, the power of social media has paved the way for reality’s next “TV”. Respectively, IGTV and Instagram’s exponential growth, now surpassing 1 Billion users, has mounted it as the premier platform for the world to embrace as the true “global village” for communication, business, and coexistence. Organically, Ahmad had grown a page from 0 to 1 million organic followers over his first year involved in Social Media Marketing. Ahmad experienced his first pump of exponential growth with his page, “@reactions”, now incredibly poised with over 5 million active followers. Finding success early by trademarking usernames under his business, InstaReach LLC became a crucial hallmark to Ahmad’s quest to balance his formidability as a student and his gift for social media marketing.

Maintaining his balance between his certification of completion for a Bachelor’s degree in Biology from Florida Atlantic University, Ahmad quotes: “I keep an arsenal of niches on stand-by. Diversity truly means everything”. Making a life decision to pursue the world of clout, analytics, and virality was a personal and entrepreneurial decision for Ahmad Yasir. Excelling as a student, he had the comfortable blanket to land a career in his field, but instead chose a path laden with more creativity & flexibility. Ahmad’s intellectual pursuit of technological advancement is Instagram is both notable and brave. With a large base of positive referrals, organic connections, and a flawless track record, Ahmad continued his expansion of acquiring viral Instagram pages after single-handedly managing “@reactions”. Subsequently, he acquired ownership of “@epic“, “@ghetto”, & “@hood” on Instagram, expanding to the inheritance of his own Instagram empire. Ahmad became enshrined as one of Instagram’s premier sources for content, as “@reactions” grew to an astounding 5 million followers September of 2019. Additionally, through paid sponsorships with PUBG’s renowned, modern classic “PUBG”, available on Xbox and PS4, he further solidified more economic stakes in a joint partnership with Fortnite’s largest competitor.  Ahmad Yasir has tied his investments online into long-term holds. His patience to grow a page to an active, engaged niche and trade, amongst a bullish market of competitive entrepreneurs remains nearly unmatched, boasting organic analytics that sky-rocket past colleagues and online competitors.

Ahmad’s versatility to utilize a cross-platformed integration has redeemed him. Having invested in various apps and media platforms, PUBG (PLAYERUNKNOWN BATTLEGROUNDS) reached out in December of 2016 for a partnership to coordinate ads with his Instagram-savvy skillset. Residually, Ahmad enjoys a partnership made when he first landed in Florida- “Fashion Nova”. Notably worn by athletes, actors, and artists, this notoriously-edgy fashion brand enjoyed a gradual expansion into its industry name established by collaborations. Notably, “Fashion Nova” receives mixed critical feedback, particularly due to their amount of fraudulence in users claiming false sponsorships. Nevertheless, Ahmad’s close-knit team of friends and colleagues operates under a curtain of professionalism. Additionally, Ahmad has been cited to have collaborated with “Game of War”, a viral iPhone app, available in the “App Store” and “Google Play Store”. Ahmad’s mastery of ROI, sales conversion tactics and engagement methodology have been fine-tuned to professionally as a science. The levels to Ahmad’s ad agency are conveniently beneficial to the various viral brands that infiltrate the saturated Instagram economy. Enjoying his wide outreach, Ahmad’s grasp on fans across the world & polished “Social Media IQ” predicts a strong candidate for genius. In his relationships with PUBG & Fashion Nova, Ahmad reflects: “I appreciate the collaborative opportunity to work with Fashion Nova & PUBG regularly. We have a symbiotic relationship.”

As for the future, Ahmad hopes to enjoy his encouraging performances since 2012 in the social media world economy. Outside of Instagram, Ahmad’s pursuit of higher education is complemented by his interests in travel and real-estate. Moving from the Middle East to America, Ahmad’s adaptability to react to challenging endeavours of dual-citizenship was initially daunting. Having registered his marketing agency, “InstaReach LLC“, Ahmad enjoys life near the coastline, abundant with influencers, personalities, and celebrities at large. 

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