The Real Me by Spiritual Writer Laura-Jane Cote, A Guide to Find Your Voice and The Courage to Live.

A Guide to find your voice and The Courage to Live Authentically

Spiritual Writer Laura-Jane Cote original “The Real Me”, A guide to help readers bring out their true self. No Apologies, No People Pleasing, No Excuses for Who and What You Are!

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Toronto, Sep 17, 2019 ( – Premiering in Canada at the Toronto Book and Magazine Festival on September 22, 2019, where “The Real Me: No Apologies, No People Pleasing, No Excuses for Who and What You Are!” by Laura-Jane Cote will do more than just capture the attention of readers: it will drive them to action.

Being the real you can be a challenge! This book is a workbook filled with inspirational stories, poems, and exercises to guide you to find your voice and the courage to live authentically. A perfect guide for you to find your voice and the courage to live authentically without pleasing people, no excuses for who you are, and what you are.

Written with humor and real-life learning experiences, the reader will find it easy to relate to the material. The spiritual tutorial sections assist you to develop your own intuitive counsel and connect with your higher self.

Readers will find more than entertainment when reading the inspirational stories and poems in “The Real Me.” They will find a rare, unique opportunity to examine their lives… and even their spirituality. For this reason, the author puts in a series of spiritual exercises to help them find and follow their inner wisdom and above all, live their life to the fullest.
Amidst busy life, one grows by reflecting and assessing everything that goes on in their life and determining if they make the most out of life. This book will serve as a much-needed tool.
In these highly charged times, it’s a struggle for people to find inner peace and live life the way they want it to be. By poring over the pages of “The Real Me,” readers would be confronted with the inner voice that cries out to them to be their true self.
One will ask themselves: “Is this the journey I wanted?” “Am I true to who and what I am?” “Do I have a special place here on earth?” “Have I given myself and God/Spirit true meaning and purpose in my life here on earth?” plus other deep questions that one will ask themselves as they reflect on their connection with God/Spirit.
The book will help them realize that each and everyone has their own voice and identity and everybody has the right to live life the way they want it to be.
“The Real Me: No Apologies, No People Pleasing, No Excuses for Who and What You Are!” will be one of the captivating books readers will find displayed in the upcoming Toronto Book and Magazine Festival 2019 “The Word on The Street”, this September 22, 2019.  You can also get a copy today at the Vivlio Solutions Bookstore in Edmonton, Alberta or online through Amazon, Barnes and Noble and other online book distributors and re-sellers.

About The Author

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Laura-Jane (L-J) Coté has been involved in health care for over 40 years. She began as a nurse and moved into the healing arts. She has studied healing modalities in Canada, the USA and England. L-J conducts workshops in Canada and the USA on Trusting Your Intuition, Psychic and Mediumship Development. Her own spiritual journeys lead her to live in Hawaii for two years where this book was first conceived. She continues to have daily tutorials with her divine tutors and write. To learn more about L-J visit her at

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