Almosthalfasleep’s new album – the result of months of obsessive musical hibernation

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Berlin, Sep 19, 2019 ( – This week, Almosthalfasleep is releasing his new album What Now Dawn on all online music streaming platforms. An exhilarating fusion of electronic and acoustic textures exploring various musical influences from alternative and electronic to jazz. Almosthalfasleep takes the listener on an emotional journey of his heartache. An almost trance-like untouchable vulnerability suffuses the feeling of the album of simmering pain. The album was recorded in solitude in the artists’ school studio in Copenhagen and his bedroom in Berlin. It’s the product of him obsessively working on these songs in a sort of hibernation. The album reflects Almosthalfasleep’s international background with songs in both English and German.

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The surprisingly mature adolescent displays introspective and witty lyrics (e.g. the song Haircut) but also an almost mantra-like repetition-based type of songwriting best exemplified in the track Look, which only has two lines, yet carries much weight. His musical proficiency is playful and curious, experimenting with sound and feel. Despite his young age, he’s written and recorded the album all by himself. The songs have a surreal atmosphere. For example, Haircut which has a lively, loose feel, while you don’t say it back is loud and grinding, lulling the listener into an almost hypnotic state, similar to the way some Techno makes you feel. 10 Minuten, one of the German songs, has a more ambient feel to it. The listener will inevitably be gripped by the emotional pain and vulnerability of his heartbreak. This is the most personal album from the young artist yet.


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Almosthalfasleep during live performance in DenmarkAlmosthalfasleepAlmosthalfasleep during live performance in Copenhagen

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