Professor Celebrates Hispanic History Month With Afro-Latin Dance Fundraiser

Shawnee, Sep 20, 2019 ( – Dr. Daryl D. Green, a business professor at the Oklahoma Baptist University (OBU), is celebrating Hispanic History Month with a special fundraising evening dedicated to Afro-Latin dance. The free event will teach attendees a range of styles, such as Merengue, Bachata, and Salsa, and all proceeds will go towards funding African-American scholarships at the University.

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 To celebrate Hispanic History Month, which began on the 15th of September and runs through until the 15th of October, Dr. Daryl D. Green of the Oklahoma Baptist University (OBU) is hosting a special fundraising evening dedicated to Afro-Latin dance on the 27th of September. Aimed at beginners, the evening will introduce participants to a range of dance styles, including Merengue, Bachata, and Salsa, and will be taught by both Dr. Green and Debbie Taylor, owner of the Adelante Dance Studio.

Dubbed the dancing doctor, Dr. Green has hosted dance lessons like ballroom dancing in the past at the University. The Afro-Latin night is a chance for both existing and new attendees to come together for a fun celebration of the Latin culture. Completely free to attend, all proceeds from the evening will go towards funding scholarships for African-American students studying at the Oklahoma Baptist University. Dr. Green and his wife have danced competitively in ballroom dancing for over several years.

Dr. Green and his wife Estraletta are establishing a scholarship in honor of their mothers to help further the education of African-American students. Dr. Green explains, “Education is a doorway to opportunities. Yet, millions of African-American children are on a crash course to hopelessness and a life of despair. Jesus discussed the importance of taking care of the less fortunate in his teaching: “Truly, I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me (Matthew 25:40). Love is about stewardship in action!” According to the Chronicle of Higher Education, there are 300,000 fewer black college students from 2010 to 2017. In Oklahoma, black children still find themselves struggling as well. Over 42% of black children in Oklahoma County live in poverty. In Oklahoma County, 35% of the children are not proficient in math; in 2013, only 9% of black 8th graders in Oklahoma were proficient in math. In the community, 15% or higher unemployment rate exist; 80% of residents lack a college degree. Dr. Green feels that good people recognize the needs to assist this underserved community.

The event will be held from 6:00 -10:00 pm in the OBU Geiger Center, and for more details, you can contact Dr. Daryl Green at 405-585-4414 or [email protected].

Speaking ahead of the event, Dr. Green added, “My wife and I started formal dancing while in my late forties, and immediately, I loved how inclusive the dance community is; both in their general kindness and their encouragement to beginner dancers. The African and Latin cultures are intertwined, so it made perfect sense to celebrate Hispanic History Month with this fundraising evening; helping to raise funds for students attending the Oklahoma Baptist University.

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With so many things dividing our nation, dance is one of the common areas that bring people back together, so I’m looking forward to a fun-filled evening of dance and laughter!”

Interested individuals can contact Dr. Green at 405-585-4414 or email him at [email protected].


About Dr. Daryl D. Green:

Dr. Daryl D. Green, DSL, and his wife Estraletta are the owners of AGSM Consulting LLC based in Tennessee. Dr. Green is also the Dickinson Chair of Business professor at Oklahoma Baptist University in the Paul Dickinson College of Business. In 2016, Dr. Green retired from the DOE, where he worked as a senior engineer for over 27 years. Dr. Green is an awarding speaker and author with several published books, including Mapping Out Life After Retirement and research articles.

Dr. Green has extensive experience in the dance community. He and his wife Estraletta started dancing several years ago with no experience. Today, they have participated in competitive ballroom dancing in Georgia, Louisiana, Tennessee, and Oklahoma. Dr. Green is the chartered member and first president of the RockyTop TN (#2103). Dr. Green has conducted some basic dance instruction in the past. His favorite dances are Rumba and Bachata. Additionally, Dr. Green has done consulting and advisements for dance studios to help increase their financial sustainability. During his leisure time, Dr. Green assists beginners with Bachata at the Adelante Dance Studio in Moore, Oklahoma.

In the past Dr Green has hosted dance lessons in the communityRegardless of the background race or gender Dr Green believes that music and dance bring people togetherDuring Hispanic History Month Dr Green will share his passion for dancing with the local community

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