The New Patented App is A WIN – WIN for Automotive Consumers and Dealership Service Centers

Los Angeles, Sep 20, 2019 ( – The patented app for tracking automotive millage is a “Win Win” so says a service director manager of over 35 years. The “WIN” for the automotive owners is with the app they are able to track their specific warranties (terms and miles the patented element) particulars. This way they are alerted to when they are coming close falling out of their warranty which could be very costly.  The “Win” for the auto dealerships is they are also alerted to the owner’s warranty status as well. The platform/dashboard for the dealership allows the dealership to offer coupons (special offers) for their services. They can also invite the customer to have their vehicle appraised while in the shop. The dealership can also pre-qualify the customers that are considering a new vehicle. If the customer decides to purchase a new car the dealership now gets a good trade to resell. 

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A great advantage to the dealerships is they will be receiving free automatic service bookings to their existing online web sites.  In addition, all leads with the warranty status and customers requests will be emailed to the sales departments. BDC departments make a great target for the online agents to start and build a personal relationship with the customers.
So the bottom line is a customer is happy you saved them from falling out of warrant and more likely to trade and repeat their business with the dealership. Private branding with a seamless API is available to all sizes of dealerships. 

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