How Steve Barbarich Became the Successful Entrepreneur That He is

San Francisco, Oct 10, 2019 ( – Steve Barbarich is a familiar name in the business. But more than for his successful business ventures, Steve Barbarich is known for other things ranging from charitable activities over the years. Steve Barbarich was primarily known as an inventor. But not just any inventor who is into innovative projects, Steve Barbarich thought other inventors on what to do with their ideas.

Steve Barbarich graduated from Harvey Mudd College. From his humble beginnings, he discovered that he has a knack for inventing things and improving things that we currently use. But one thing that he noticed was that people inventors like him had a difficult time to make a living from their ideas. This led him to write The Complete Manual on How to Make Money from Your Inventions and Patents. This became an instant success on Amazon. It made him realize that he also helped inventors to experience the same success as he did with some of his ideas. He then started his own company that is focused on getting inventions into stores. With his company, he was able to help inventors to be able to materialize their ideas and into the market.

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From Inventor to E-Commerce Success

Steve Barbarich is known by many as a successful entrepreneur. He was able to build a solid reputation in e-commerce after having a bad experience when he bought some items online. He mentioned that he had a hard time dealing with the after-sales support of companies that he bought items from. And for this reason, he then thought of having a company that does the complete opposite.

After this, he then decided to have his own company that prioritizes the customers before profits. He made a company that operates in a systemic manner from start to finish. Customers are always king, this is the mantra that made Barbarich a successful entrepreneur.

A combination of common sense as an entrepreneur and consumer plus his ability to provide quality products are some things that he used in order to reach the level of success that he did when he built his business from scratch.

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Becoming a Philanthropist

After his first success in e-commerce, he began exploring other possibilities. He was involved in philanthropism as well. Steve Barbarich became an active member of the community by helping those who need medical attention and those affected by calamities. In 2005, he helped people who were affected by Hurricane Ike and Hurricane Rita. He was able to make a donation that was able to alleviate the situation of those who were affected in the region. With the success of the spa-related products sold by Barbarich, he was able to donate a portion of the profits to those who needed food and shelter. He made donations via the American Red Cross.

He also made it a point to help those who were affected by cancer. He provided financial assistance to women who couldn’t afford to have a mammogram. During the breast cancer awareness month in 2009, he was able to help a number of women get diagnosed whether or not they have breast cancer.

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