The Magnetic Duo of Spoken Art Have Enthralled the Audience with the New Song ‘Take Flight’

Take Flight

Experience the fresh and groovy beats of the recent release of Spoken Art, ‘Take Flight’. The song will take you on a never-ending and entrancing musical ride.

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Novato, Oct 10, 2019 ( – The hip hop duo, based in California has been rocking the music industry for quite some time now. With the new release ‘Take Flight’, Spoken Art has made it clear that they are here to stay. The duo has probably given the best performance of their career. It is an outburst of energy and raw power. A single listen to the track will shake you to the core of your heart. It is the perfect track to provide you with the energy to carry out the entire day. The duo has left no stones unturned in making a song that can rock the audience in & leave a never-ending effect.

‘Take Flight’ is the perfect song to play at a high volume & groove to the awesomeness. Each beat shouts out to the audience & demands their attention. The powerful beats and the complementing backdrop have set it up perfectly for the moments to follow. The initial arrangement is so huge and captivating that it seems hard for the rest of the track to match up to the expectations. But, to everyone’s surprise, the ending is as gripping and hard-hitting as the initial moments. Not a single verse will make you feel that it is not as exciting as the previous one. Each new verse comes out with a new set of exciting beats.

The artist duo, Jason Sakach, and John Patrick have always wanted to utilize the exciting effects of instrumental work and fuse it with electronic production to make the songs reach out to the nomadic wanderer as well as the persistent fighter living inside all of us. They have created a huge reputation for their group, ‘Spoken Art’. As a listener, it would be hard for you to take your ears off this artistic outburst. So, don’t forget to tune in to Spotify and follow them on Instagram.

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