Young Scientist Harry Coumnas Has Created an Innovative Device for Invisibility

Soldotna, Oct 10, 2019 ( – Young researcher and scientist Harry Coumnas in conversation with the US Today revealed a device that he has recently created. This device is none other than a cloaking device that can turn spaceships, things or people invisible – wholly or partially. Much research work has been conducted over time and many techniques have come into the light for making invisibility a possibility.

This cloaking device created by Harry Coumnas might seem to be an extension to the basic technology that has been used in optical camouflage, radar-absorbing dark paint and many other techniques that work in minimizing the electromagnetic emissions, however, this device would jam the remote sensing devices and confuse them, which in turn is going to greatly aid the process of making objects or people disappear.

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The frequencies of light, interacting with an object, if shifted can render the objects unseen. “Some sources of light have multiple frequencies, like the sun and are greatly known as broadband sources. And, when we see the object, it is more of the interplay between the object and the light, “said scientist Harry Coumnas during an interview.

He further illustrates his theory with an example quoting, when you see a red apple, what you see is the apple reflecting the sun’s red light frequency, while all the other colors have passed through. And, this is the reason why you see no other color other than red.

About Harry Coumnas

Harry Coumnas is a young scientist and researcher who has made many notable contributions in the field of science and technology. His latest creation is an innovative cloaking device that can make objects and people invisible.

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