Sauber Environmental Solutions Pvt. Ltd. Explains the Significance of Wastewater Treatment

Ahmedabad, Oct 11, 2019 ( – Sauber Environmental Solutions, a leading water treatment company in India, highlights the need for wastewater treatment and creates awareness about wastewater treatment solutions.

With the depletion of freshwater sources and owing to stringent regulations relating to emission and industrial waste treatment, it has become inevitable to treat wastewater and discharge it back safely to the environment. Wastewater collection, treatment, and discharge are very essential to protect human health, environment, and to maintain the surrounding water quality.

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Around 80 per cent of the wastewater, today is discharged in the waterways around the world which creates health, climate, and environmental-related hazards. According to an estimate the wastewater treatment capacity currently in high-income countries is 70% and low-income countries are 8%.

Emphasizing on the wastewater treatment team at Sauber explains, “Wastewater treatment and management has become a need of time due to increasing urbanization and more usage of earth’s dwindling resources. Moreover, the discharge of effluent in water bodies is damaging the existing resources as well. It also leads to greenhouse gas emissions and the risks of human health. It is vital to manage and treat wastewater whether it is generated by the industries or it is community wastewater.”

“Treating wastewater allows disposing of human and industrial effluents without danger to human health or without unacceptable damage to the environment. Wastewater treatment creates sustainable value which is also a necessity now to preserve the valuable resources of the earth”, adds the team at Sauber.

Modern wastewater treatment is not only safeguarding human health and protecting the environment but is also helping identify ways to create the value for water, energy, and materials that are embedded in the wastewater streams. Wastewater treatment has been evolving year after year. With advancement, various technologies have been implemented for the optimum use of wastewater.

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Sauber Environmental Pvt. Ltd. provide wastewater treatment service as well as help government and industries with setting up their wastewater treatment solutions. With cutting-edge, in-house design and engineering capabilities, they offer value engineering solutions for project design, construction, and commissioning. They cater to basic as well as highly advanced setup for wastewater treatment as per the requirement of the industry.


Sauber Environmental Solutions Pvt. Ltd. is an EPC (Engineering, Procurement, and Construction), Consulting, Project Management organization extending leading-edge services and solutions for wastewater management and treatment. It is one of the leading effluent treatment plant companies in India that provide turnkey solutions for wastewater treatment.

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