Get Back to the Cool 80s Britpop Era with Matthew Mercury’s New Single ‘Burn Right Down’

Matthew Mercury

The new wave rock and roll band Matthew Mercury is all set to take you to the enthusiastic Britpop era with their tracks. Listen to ‘Burn Right Down’ in Spotify.

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Burlington, Oct 11, 2019 ( – If you are a pop music fanatic, you must have known about the craze that was spread during the 1980s by the British pop music and culture popularly termed as Britpop. The era altogether started a new revolution in terms of music and culture in the UK that eventually left its impression all over the globe. The Britpop groups and its followers were then known as New Romantics and even today it is an immensely popular music genre. While there has been a sea of changes in its style and presentation what sustained is its melodious music and eclectic lyricism. This season, the up and coming rock and roll band from Burlington, Vermont named Matthew Mercury has made its gala appearance in Spotify with some exclusive music pieces. If you are hearing this band for the first time, listen to ‘Burn Right Down‘ streaming on Spotify.

It would not fair to regard the band as only a Britpop band for it also holds mastery on the American rock genre. While the band is very contemporary and deals with trending issues apart from relatable and emotional subject matters, they deliver the same serene and eclectic soundscape that you can experience in the 80s music pieces. ‘Burn Right Down’ is an amalgamation of post puck weaved with the delicate elements of Britpop and 80’s American rock vibes. The track is beautifully performed and the playful guitar melodies will win your hearts. Follow Matthew Mercury in Instagram and Facebook and also listen to the other tracks in Spotify.

Just go for this track ‘Burn Right Down’ by Matthew Mercury :

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