Spontaneity of Lyrical Hip-hop is Being Epitomized by Li Li Nicols’ ‘UnderTheSun Freestyle’

UnderTheSun Freestyle

The lyrical conspicuousness and rhythmic assessment in upcoming hip-hop artist Li Li Nicols’ new release ‘UnderTheSun Freestyle’ is a captivating musical experience.

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Atlanta, Oct 12, 2019 (Issuewire.com) – Hip-hop’s story weaves around individual interpretations and puts forward a lineage that gets beautifully crafted in the historical saga of the genre. The newest entrant in the cultural celebration of hip-hop is artist Li Li Nicols‘, who with her vibrant timbre and unparalleled lyrical ardor is taking the stage by storm. Her newly released song ‘UnderTheSun Freestyle‘ is a fun and fresh plunge into hip-hop’s merry side of things that gives the audience the perspective to find relatable happiness in music. Penning down and adorning the thematic depiction of ‘UnderTheSun Freestyle’ with her ever-so profound lyrical indulgence, she has given the world a peek into her creative inner eye.

Atlanta rapper Li Li Nicols had a passion for penning down rhyming lines and subjective monographs from a very young age. Through the years of personal and social struggles, the one thing that put her through every undeniable dilemma was education and with time, she established her career as a blogger and freelancer. Music came in late but once it did, there has been no looking back. There is a sense of ravishing clarity and an ability to give the audience a personalized musical journey in her music. Some of her other songs like ‘Who Wants A Soul’ or ‘Draft Day’ all have the ethereal greatness of structured hip-hop qualities.

The story and career graph of Li Li Nicols is one that inspires many. She is more than just another hip-hop artist putting together the elemental blocks of the genre into a form of expressionism but her purpose with making music is to create timeless artistic formatting. A reformer, a cultural enthusiast, and a creative nurturer, she curates music along with its insightful reasoning to give the audience a space to breathe in. Follow this work of cultural resurgence through the musical linearity of hip-hop on Soundcloud, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

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