The Beijing Rapper Xitong Yuan Is Rediscovering the Musical Genre of Hip Hop with His Music Sense

Xitong Yuan  calabasas ridin

The Beijing rapper Xitong Yuan is rocking the stage with his amazing rap style. His sensational performance & unique delivery style has stunned the audience.

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Beijing, Oct 11, 2019 ( – The online music streaming platform SoundCloud has provided the new artists with the opportunity to experiment with new musical ideas. But, not everyone has used this opportunity to benefit musical genres. However, Xitong Yuan, the Beijing rapper has perfectly used this platform to take the genre of hip hop to the unexplored directions of awesomeness. This Chinese student has reinvented the style of rap delivery. His tracks are hard-hitting as well as engaging. This contrasting fact is enough to prove the talent & brilliance of Xitong. ‘blue frog’, ‘your eyes, clouds’, ‘dinner in portugal’, ‘when he was in queenstown’, ‘honeymoon’ are some of the best hip hop tracks crafted by him.

The industry was thrilled to witness the magnificence he showed in the debut release ‘blue frog’. As time passed, the audience got to know more about his artistry & ultimately fell in love with this amazing piece of talent. ‘above the clouds’ is considered to be one of his best works so far. As a listener, you are bound to agree to this fact. The captivating beats & the entrancing soundscape is enough to create a magical ambiance around the listener’s mind. ‘calabasas ridin’‘ is another song of his that received immense appreciation from the audience. Carrying his legacy forward, he has finally come up with his debut mixtape ‘roseus’.

This mixtape is built with alternative hip hop aesthetics & a nostalgic feeling along with real & surreal visional themes. The concept of the mixtape is based on interpersonal relationships & personal reflection. Xitong along with Woodcock, Yuseef, Galvez Guillermo, Andre Arterberry, James Chul Rim, rarebowy, Phora, Quadeca, and Roy Purdy was in-charge of producing the mixtape. He was hugely inspired by the famous Mathias to create this mixtape. The mixtape is all set to rule the music charts. To know more about his upcoming projects follow him on Instagram.

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