The Creative Aperture of Hip Hop is Being Exemplified by Artist K Lane in his Music Video ‘Up Next’

Hip Hop Singer  K Lane

Upcoming hip-hop artist K Lane’s music video ‘Up Next’ is a beautiful arena of lyrical and musical flow that also harbors a relatable thematic depiction for the audience.

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Maryland City, Oct 11, 2019 ( – As it is already known, the glory of hip-hop surpasses the known standards of musical interpretation where each artist has their distinctive taste and outspokenness regarding tonal qualities, rhythmic patterns, lyrical growth, and more. Upcoming hip-hop artist and rapper K Lane is justifying his oneness and creative individuality in his song stream that reflects the very picture of contemporary musical degree. His newly released music video ‘Up Next‘ is a mesmeric arena that puts together, very skillfully the bits and pieces of greater perspectives into a beautiful musical formatting. The sense of thematic quality in ‘Up Next‘ is such that the audience can relate to its intricacies and make it their saga just told in different linearity. An ode to the various unspoken fantasies and dreams, the relatability of ‘Up Next‘ in the aspect of everyone’s story is a change in the spectrum of hip-hop.

The central idea of hip-hop remains rebellious which K Lane has utilized to tell his chronicle. As one moves more into the song with their creative intelligence at par with ‘Up Next‘, there is no looking back. He is all about making the most of the present moment and his songs capture his sultry yet zestful aura through the right notes of audience acceptance. Hip-hop artists should always have the spontaneity of speaking their minds, unadulterated and K Lane‘s sound and lyrics are all about delivering what is real. With a variation in terms of lyrical subjectivity, rhythmic deconstruction, musical characteristic modulations, social, cultural, and personal insinuations, and more, his path towards attaining creative fulfillment has found the right struggle.

K Lane might be an upcoming proprietor in the collective spectrum of hip-hop, but he already has an album and numerous hits to his name. Some of his other songs like ‘Champions’, ‘Nothing of You’, and ‘Block Lit’ from his album ‘Yung & Trill 1.5’ also have similar candid sincerity as ‘Up Next‘. As he gears up for the release of his new Extended Play, ‘Beautiful Nightmares’ at the end of this October, his global glory is only going to expand into a magnanimous celebration. If you are willing to lend your soul to the sound, librettos, and vocal prowess of K Lane, follow him on YouTube and Instagram right away.

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