To Unveil The Mystery Of Hashrate Mining For You, Why Is It Always You Who Get Hurt?

Los Angeles, Oct 12, 2019 ( – With the explosion of ICO in 2017, Bitcoin broke through the $20,000 super bull market. It is said that there is a spring, summer, autumn, and winter in a year, there are cloudy and sunny days in one month and there are day and night in a day, things are always spreading and ferment in accordance with the laws of relativity. Up to now, numerous advanced reformers have emerged in the market of encrypted money, bringing many innovative ideas of the market. We call them the spark of the industry and the most notable one is the “hashrate mining “, which can be divided into two categories: pure mining and non-pure mining.

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Non-pure Mining: Usually such currency of hashrate mining has online bourse, and has been carried out private placement or ICO. Its token unlocking cycle is too fast, the rat trading is flooding, the token price rises in the early period and fluctuates sharply in the middle period. In the end, it is like flying down three thousand feet, which brings great psychological tests and loss to the miners and secondary market holders. The fundamental reason is that this part of tokens is controlled by a large number of funds. The so-called mining mode is only conducive to the low price chips of capital. Finally, participants take it for granted to stand high, the money is gone, only poetry!

Pure Mining: This is equivalent to a system that is installed for the first time, all parameters are in the initialization state. All follow-up additions are carried out by miners, which belongs to a fair and just mining model. There is no private placement, no capital monopoly, no rat trading, and all rights return to the community. At the same time, it pays attention to the basic development of the project and the number of participating members. Regulating the price of tokens by rules, step by step, giving confidence to the market, so that the number of members can grow steadily in the global scope, and eventually form a decentralized system with a large number of members.

Having said the above, I think you should have basic ability to distinguish. What are we going to do? Not to work for capital, but to be our own master.

If you understood, Flow Cloud is the most suitable hashrate mining project for you right now. This is a pure project, no problems left over by history, all people-oriented, from the heart, no private placement, no capital monopoly, no mouse warehouse.

The “pulse model” and “two-pole one-sided supply trading system” created for the first time make the tokens have infinite potential to rise, and the project party’s buying back and destroying policy is even more astonishing. Using the power of the model to multiply community influence and using the power of seven core stack technologies to change the world, the team is composed of members of first-class world-renowned universities. This time, with sincerity and welfare, the perfect combination of model and technology is destined to create an extraordinary de-centralization project, Flow Cloud, a commercial vertical financial network.

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