Saint the Rapping Cop has taken the music industry by storm through his amazing rap performance

Saint the Rapping Cop

Get awe-struck by the amazing beats of the tracks crafted by Saint the Rapping Cop. His impressive and unique approach towards music-making has turned many heads.

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California City, Oct 21, 2019 ( – Making a name in this music industry that is already filled with talented artists is tougher than it seems. No matter what, talent will always find its way through. Joshua Jackson as known as Saint the Rapping Cop is one of those talented artists that have made their way through this congested music industry and is all set to make it big in the industry. His amazing musicianship will take you to the world of real hip hop that is designed with musical brilliance and creative freedom. The way each and every element has been placed in arranging the tracks is more than what the audience had demanded.

Being a cop, it was never easy for Joshua to follow his passion for making music. But, his immense love for rap has helped him in reaching this feat. His track ‘Molded by God‘ is the finest example of his artistry. The soundscape of this track is enough to keep you hooked. As the song progresses, the catchphrases get stuck to your mind and with each passing beat the track confines you more within its aura. As the end comes nearer, the focus shifts towards the vocal performance of the artist. And, this is where he took the entire structural arrangement to its peak.

Pennsylvania Avenue to Pratt Street’‘King Me’, and ‘Whole Time’ are some of the other songs of Saint the Rapping Cop that will keep you on your toes. The beats and the bars present in these tracks take control in their hands right from the start and never let the quality of the tracks fall. But, the only thing that remained constant throughout all the tracks is the entrancing vocal presence of Joshua. Experience more of Joshua’s musical work by tuning in to Spotify. Follow him on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook to get connected.

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Molded by God:

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Pennsylvania Avenue to Pratt Street:

King Me:

Whole Time:

Molded by God by Saint the Rapping CopKing Me by Saint the Rapping Cop

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