The Lebanon Music Producer AMER SAAB Showcases his Brilliant Artistry through the Track ‘FAKHR EL ABJADIYYEH’


A war against corruptions of Lebanon is waged by the immensely talented music composer AMER SAAB through his recently released musical video ‘FAKHR EL ABJADIYYEH’.

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Doha, Oct 22, 2019 ( – AMER SAAB, the renowned music composer/music producer/instrumental music designer of Lebanon is taking a stand against the various social and political issues of his country. And, to spread his message, he has used the most effective tool i.e. music. Through his recent music video ‘FAKHR EL ABJADIYYEH‘, he has urged the honest people of his country to stand against the corruption and corrupt peoples. The disastrous economic condition of Lebanon has forced many citizens to leave their homeland. And, the ongoing incidents of corruption have led the artist to a situation where he has to use his talent to start a movement.

The video of this track showcases numerous chaotic incidents of the country, which perfectly depicts the storyline of the track. The forests of Lebanon are on fire and this is what the video portrays through the 6-minute long run. The song gives out a positive and energetic vibe that has the strength to encourage people to change. AMER SAAB’s brilliant composition makes the track even more gripping. The song has helped in attracting worldwide attention towards the horrifying situation of Lebanon. The countrymen have got an anthem to follow while protesting against the corrupt peoples. The track will provide them with additional energy to go the extra mile. The artist has apologized to the listeners for showcasing the controversial pictures on YouTube. But, this is the reality of Lebanon and he had to go this far to show the world the actual condition of the country.

The instrumental work holds the song from the beginning to the end. The way the instrumentation has been done in ‘FAKHR EL ABJADIYYEH‘, gives an honest introduction to the artist. The production of the track by AMER under THE TRAVELLERS is worth experiencing more than a hundred times. The track builds with a strong sense of urgency and throws you right into the moments. The one element that has added spark to the entire set up is the vocal performance. The arrangement would’ve been incomplete without the lead vocalist’s performance. He has just taken the entire structure to a whole new direction of awesomeness. His vocal stands well in line with the soundscape and the concept of the track. To be a part of the protest you must follow him on Instagram, Twitter and SoundCloud.


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