Ashley K. Shift, Las Vegas’ First Black Female to Own – Operate a CBD Oil – Crystal Store

Ashley K Shift CEO

Las Vegas, Jan 9, 2019 ( – Six figure earner Ashley K. Shift is Las Vegas first black female CBD store owner. On January 19, 2019, the press and public are invited to the grand opening of Hacked by Nature for an introduction to the fastest growing CBD oil, crystal, and herb store in Las Vegas. This grand opening will be hosted by Reality TV Personalities Jenn Harley (Jersey Shore) and Heather Marianna (Bravo) plus a very special invited guest; Dr. Shiraz Farooq, board certified colorectal surgeon, general surgeon, certified medical cannabis doctor and founder of Colowell America, who specializes in non-surgical and surgical treatment options for care. Located in the prime section of the city, Hacked by Natures mission is to supply individuals with the tools needed to get in tune and connected with nature. Whether its sage, candles, rose quartz crystal, or a class, the store has a variety of products & services to help one achieve mental, physical and spiritual alignment. Its all about the journey. Your journey, says owner Ashley K. Shift.

The event will take place at Hacked by Nature situated at 4170 S Decatur Blvd, D6 Las Vegas, NV 89103 between 1 pm and 4 pm PST. The event will be a whos who of celebrity friends, influencers, and Las Vegas notables red carpet event. Guests will be treated to free consultations, light hors d’oeuvres, and product samples. This new store features the best, purest, & highest quality products on the market. Hacked by Nature has collaborated with some amazing wholesalers & small businesses to help bring its vision to life. Their product line ranges from herbs & crystals, candles, CBD oil, wellness baskets, to conscious apparel.

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Im so excited to officially introduce the people of Las Vegas to my vision, a place that connects both their spiritual and wellness needs, says Ashley K. Come find out why My Vegas Magazine has named Ashley K. in their Top 100 Women in Vegas.

Hacked by Nature are open Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday 11am-5pm and Friday 1pm-5pm. More information on the company and the event can be found at

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For more information, to book Ashley K. Shift for speaking engagements, business collaborations, or to arrange an interview, contact: Love Logan E: [email protected] P: 973.626.9720. To RSVP for Hacked by Natures Grand Opening visit

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About Ashley K. Shift

Ashley K. Shift is an entrepreneur, motivational speaker, CBD, Crystal & Herb Educator, Mathematician, and Philanthropist. When it comes to success and how to achieve it, some people look to others for guidance or for advice on what worked for them, Ashley K. Shift understands that theres no need to look any further than within herself. A native of Orange, New Jersey and a single mother of two, Ashley K. holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Mathematical Science. She started her career in the academic field as an educator teaching math in the public school system. It wasnt long before Ashley K. realized that her love for math and her calling to help people would serve a higher purpose and on a much larger scale.

Stepping out on faith, Ashley K. relocated her family from New Jersey to Las Vegas, Nevada and within a few months, she was able to start her own company Hacked by Nature as well as open a storefront in the heart of Las Vegas.

In addition to her thriving business Hacked by Nature, Ashley K is a 6 figure earner in the Network Marketing Industry leading a massive global team, called Shift The Stigma. She also continues to utilize her love for humanity and her ability as an educator in Mathematics by leading the I Am the Shift Tour internationally, where she encourages people to step outside their comfort zones to reach their highest potential, Math is one of the most important things anyone will ever learn in life because its so relevant in everything we do. Math is about strategy and how to solve a problem. The concept of math teaches us not just how to solve numerical data but how to solve problems in all areas of our lives. With the I Am the Shift Tour I want to show people that with any problem presented to you its about strategy. You can always solve the problem. Theres always a solution.

In the near future, Ashley K. has plans to open a fleet of tuition-free metaphysical private schools where the lunches are vegan, the curriculum incorporates healthy living, and the physical education includes meditation and yoga. When Ashley is asked how does she manage to do it all, her answer is simple, The answer lies in my name. Shift. I am the Shift. We all are. The only thing someone needs to understand is that they already have all of the answers and everything they need within their self. When you think about the word shift and what it means, you think of change and a new level. People just need to understand that they are the shift. They are the bridge between their old self and their new self. The key is to use that information to step into your next level.

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