The Coros LIVE: a smart watch with long battery life

New York City, New York – (StockNewsDesk) – 03/23/2015 — The Coros LIVE is all set to take the tech market into next stop. It is an amazing smart watch with the latest features. The concept of a smart watch may be nothing new in the tech world but Coros LIVE surely is. It will give you a stylish and casual display of a traditional watch while it will perform various other important tasks. The battery life is long, up to 6 weeks. With Coros LIVE, your style will never go out of date. It has a classic appearance yet attractive and modern. It comes with a minimalistic design.

The Coros LIVE is really easy to use. It has four buttons that makes it simple to use and effective. It gives you control over the smartphone camera and you can also confirm notifications. There are many people who like to stick to the traditional watches until they know the effective parameters of a smart watch like Coros LIVE. It can easy cut short the usage of your smart phone. Hence your phone might come up with better battery life. While you are travelling or busy in other activities or attending a meeting, it is tough to take out your smart phone and check the notifications, various reminders like messages, news updates of e-papers and many more. The Coros LIVE gives you instant access to those even without taking out the phone from your pocket.

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The Coros LIVE: a smart watch with long battery life

The Coros LIVE comes with a fitness app that will help you to record your activities in order to maintain a healthy life habit. Another important feature of this tech that needs to be mentioned is the water resistance capability. Hence you can even swim while wearing this watch without damaging it a bit. It has a 1.26 inch display which is properly protected by a super strong, scratch resistant mineral glass. It has a vibration alert compatibility. A soothing vibration will help you to know if there is anything that needs your attention. This watch can be used as the remote control of your phone camera or your phone’s music player and it will help you to find your phone.

As it comes with 6 weeks of battery life, hence you need to charge it only 9 times a year. The Coros LIVE is composed of memory LCD for low power consumption. Hence it is capable of giving high contrast with always on display mode. Hence you need not push any button to know the time or other things you need to know.  The power saving system makes it different from other smart watches. The Kickstarter has arranged a fund raising campaign for this amazing project to seek support for future betterment.

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