Dispute an article

If you have a doubt about an article’s accuracy, or if you feel that the concerned article violates the TOU of this site, you are requested to follow the steps below:

1. Navigate to the article

2. At the top of the article, there will be a link called Report a Spam.

3.  Click on the Report a Spam Link and report the issue.

Article dispute process

If the editors come to the decision that an article contains faulty content themselves, may make corrections in the article or remove the content depending on the nature of the article.

If the dispute involves an interpretation of the concerned article or shows a concern about the article’s capacity for a particular research, the editors may do the following:

1>    Try to contact the author for a response to the claim of a disputant.

2>    In case the author does not provide an immediate response, the article may be temporarily removed. The editors will then make a request to the author, either for an amendment/correction of the article or a declaration from him stating that he does not see any problem or factual error in the article.

The disputant may respond to the claim of dispute by publishing another article in all cases. Responses from public trade corporations regarding their stock are welcome.    



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