East Coast Fiber Internet Company Provides Affordable Alternative to Google Fiber

New York, Jan 8, 2019 (Issuewire.com) – In 2011, Google first launched its initiative to bring high-speed internet to over 1 Million Americans in just a 5-10 year span. Aptly named Google Fiber, the plan was to expand to over 34 big cities, from Dallas to San Francisco.

The search engine megalith lauded its fiber internet solution as the best affordable high-speed internet option in town. Residents in the new roll-out areas would receive Gigabit internet speeds for $70 or less a month.

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Google launched a contest, asking municipalities to apply to be a Google Fiber city, and they advertised their services for months or years before the planned launch date.

Then, the cancellations began. Google announced it would not be expanding services in cities like Kansas City and would not be launching new services in numerous other metropolitan areas across the US.

However, this was not the end of the story. Because Google brought so much attention to the need for high-speed internet, cities had to adjust their processes and make it easier for fiber internet and other internet providers to offer improved services to their customers.

Therefore, despite Googles halt on fiber rollouts, countless other internet providers began offering the same or similar services to urban dwellers. One of the biggest players along the East Coast was GiGstreem.

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GiGstreem offers internet packages to residential clients, as well as small and medium-sized businesses. They offer fiber and fiber/micro hybrid solutions to all of their clientele, from New York to Orlando.

Moreover, they provide affordable service to customers without the long waits associated with Google Fiber. In fact, many industry experts speculate that this was Googles plan all along to pave the way for their own users to get the high-speed access they wanted them to have.

Either way, fiber internet is available and affordable to residents and business owners who live or work in GiGstreem cities.

Click here for more information on GiGstreem or to see if they are available in your neighborhood. You can also reach GiGstreem by phone at (800) 747-1830 or visit them online at https://GiGstreem.com/.

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