Editorial Rules

The editors of StockNewsDesk consider specific factors before publishing news from any contributor. There are certain criteria that must be fulfilled by the author.

1. The author must adhere to the standards of StockNewsDesk. All news must be original and unique.

2. StockNewsDesk, do not publish news with a lot of technical jargon; the news should be both interesting and informative. The editors will consider whether concerned news gives value to any user.

3. The news must be precise and lucid. Poorly written news, unusually elaborate news or news requiring rigorous copy-editing is often rejected for optimum use of editorial sources.

4. All the news must be at least 400 words and unique.

StockNewsDesk’s acceptance or rejection, of news, does not depend on coverage. The editor’s agreement or disagreement with the news will not affect its publication. The news covered on this site, and a status is judged by other authors and contributors as far as quality and integrity are concerned. The changes made to news by the editors will be for quality, and the author’s viewpoint will not be altered by those changes. The adherence to these editorial guidelines ensures the independence of an author’s writing.


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