The Emotiv EPOC: revolutionary innovation

New York City, New York – (StockNewsDesk) – 03/06/2015 — The Emotiv EPOC or EPOC+ is a lately developed high resolution, nuero signal acquisition and processing wireless nueroheadset that will help in understanding the complex mental texture. It is a revolutionary computer interface for brain. The Emotiv EPOC can also be designated as scientific contextual EEG with high resolution. It features 14 EEG channels with 2 references. The channel names are based on international 10-20 electrode location system. Those are AF3, F7, F3, FC5, T7, P7, O1, O2, P8, T8, FC4, F4, F8, and AF4. The two CMS/DRL references are in the P3/P4 locations. The Emotiv EPOC is a wireless EEG system which is primarily dedicated for research enabling entertainment. It has a great purpose for market research and usability tasting. According to the experts it will appear as a great help in future for advanced neurotherapy.

The Emotiv EPOC is an award winning concept which is designed for practical contextualized research applications. It will give you ultimate access to raw EEG data using the high quality Testbench software and SDK. The Testbench software helps you to get the real time display for better evaluation. The result is of high quality that will enhance the evaluation compatibility of the research work. Now you can conduct the research at its best while you can actually evaluate the facial expressions, emotional metrics and mental commands. The concept of multi channel and high resolution make things easier. The best part about Emotiv EPOC, it is wireless and highly portable. Hence you will not be bound with area limitation and work anywhere that seems more comfortable & effective to you.

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The Emotiv EPOC: revolutionary innovation

The Emotiv EPOC is affordable that you can have easily at your need. In comparison to the purpose it serves, the price is really affordable. This tech might bring a smile of joy when you will use it for your needed purpose. You do not have to be an expert of this tech or you will not require any professional for setting it up. It comes with easy set up concept that you can perform on your own. It is compatible with Windows 7, OSX, Linux, Android and iOS operating system. Hence it does not matter you are working with a computer or smartphone, the Emotiv EPOC will work for you. You can simply download the user guide to use this tech as effectively as possible. Depending on its high quality performance and capabilities, Emotiv EPOC has won many awards already like Red Dot Design Award, AutoVision Innovations Award, Australian International Design Awards and Australian Engineering Excellence Awards.

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