Enjoy the Musical Flow in the Famous Hip-Hop Singer SIKADIS’s Music Video ‘HEARTBEAT’


Beacon, Jan 8, 2019 (Issuewire.com) – He grew up in Jamaica and he discovered his love for music. At the age of 16 SIKADIS is known by his peers and his ready growing fan base started DJing at local parties and club. His new single HEARTBEAT is directed by MICKYSTATEN. SIKADISs unwavering vocal rhythm impresses and subtly entertains the listeners in an effective way. The music video has a smooth and colorful finish that makes the track addictive. His voice and style in the track grow more familiar. In a few instances, the tone and the mood of the music are fairly flawless. The beat in the music video HEARTBEAT is thick and hits hard.

The rhythm and the subtle bounce of the music in aspiring artist SIKADISs music video HEARTBEAT have a certain delicacy which works beautifully.  the lyrics in the track grows more and more striking as the song evolves, the concept of the track moves through certain delicacy that makes the track more impressive. Various other elements in the track HEARTBEAT helps to make it little different from the others. Musically as well as melodically the track hits hard and in an easy to recognize manner. The contrast between the moments and the verses s brilliant, though it falls on the second verses still it hold the attention of the listeners.  You watch his music simply by visiting YouTube.

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The weight and confidence of the lyrical outpouring in SIKADISs music video HEARTBEAT drives the song and its sentiments through in a striking way. The subject matter in the track works really well. The personal touch and the professional soundscape connect with the audience quite easily. Lyricism in SIKADISs track is quite interesting and unremorsefully honest.  The beat in the track HEARTBEAT plays a huge role and as the track progresses all the elements in the track seem to make the track more energizing and awakening. This music video HEARTBEAT offers a sense of inspiring optimism or self-empowerment.  The music along with the video makes the audience feel the emotion that the artist wanted to portray.  Get more updates about his upcoming music video and latest events simply by following him on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.


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