Finelistings – How this Indian company is helping people sell luxury cars through Instagram.

New Delhi, Jan 1, 2019 ( – It totally fair to say that luxury cars never go out of vogue and the intense craze for extravagance and high-speed is not lost among four-wheeler owners in India. The luxury-car market of the country is only increasing every year in terms of demand and is constantly shooting up. However, buying and selling these exotic cars is still a huge pain point for clients and this company, Finelistings, which started merely as an Instagram page is now trying to solve this problem. The innovative venture was started by Arjun Singh Rajput & Aneesh Mathur whose vision is to help people sell or buy these hi-end vehicles in the easiest and most transparent way possible. What make the brand more appealing is its social-media friendly features where people can own their dream cars with only simple telephonic or text conversations. Whether you are looking for a used Lamborghini or a Ferrari, or want to sell your BMW to a worthy buyer, follow Finelistings on Instagram at and get your job done in the simplest manner. Have a look at their virtual luxury cars store on Instagram and make your dream come true.

Finelistings is Indias first professional assisted classifieds dedicated to premium used vehicles. By now the brand has already formed a strong customer base with over 1500 clients across the country and showing over 100 percent growth in numbers in just their second year. Once you’ve liked a car on their website or Instagram you can get in touch with them and from there on till the while transaction is complete the company will assist you all ways possible be it an official inspection of the car, photographs, finance, insurance or logistics. This endeavor was supported and mentored by the co-founder of Justdial, Mr. V. Krishnan and the company is now looking to raise the first substantial capital in 2019. Finelistings uses Instagram and other social media platforms wherein you can just leave a message or get in touch with them through phone and for the rest, they will take over the entire process of buying or selling. “One surprisingly miraculous thing which we do is operate with extreme transparency and professionalism which is unheard of in this unorganized industry and which has made our organic growth very easy” says Arjun, one of the founders. 

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Currently, Finelistings mainly function in Delhi and NCR regions but is getting overwhelming responses from the South in particular. Founder Mr. Aneesh Mathur has plans to expand in four other cities in 2019. The company also plans to enter other high-value unorganized asset businesses like real estate, watches, art etc in the coming future. 

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