Former Marine Corps Captain Debuts New Leadership Style for Better Learning

Auburn, Jan 8, 2019 ( – Effectiveness is still one of the greatest challenges teachers face on a daily basis. Don Broadwell wrote Collaborative Leadership for Classroom and School to help educators develop and improve their leadership style so students can interact more. This in turn will cultivate a healthy learning environment in any classroom setting.

Broadwell makes a point that authoritarian leadership is a failure due to the fact that decision-making, which should ideally involve students, is limited to higher ups only who unawarely hinder a productive exchange of ideas. The authors work is a valuable educational tool which reinforces a non-hierarchical technique in decision-making and encourages collaboration between teachers and students.

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This book is both scholarly and easy-to-understand. Broadwell has researched the topic extensively; yet, he presents a model that is easily implemented. He has included many case studies, pointing out what to do and what not to do. He also addresses how to verbalize each persons needs, and how to deal with angry parties. says Deborah Lloyd of Readers Favorite.

Collaborative Leadership for Classroom and School

Don Broadwell

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About the Author

Don Broadwell was born in 1937. He joined the Marine Corps right after graduating and rose up to infantry platoon commander before becoming an instructor at USMC Mountain Warfare Center. Shortly after military service, he went to Princeton Theological Seminary where he graduated with a concentration in pastoral counseling. As a way of helping educators, he founded and currently directs The Collaborative Center. He also serves as a faculty instructor at the Green River College.

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