GoDrive: mobile USB micro SD card reader

Santa Barbara, CA – (StockNewsDesk) – 10/21/2014 — Pilot Electronics is working on a new USB micro SD card reader for mobile and tablets. The project is under Kickstarter and available for preorder on Pilot Electronics’ website. This gadget is fully functional with smartphones, tablets, PCs and notebooks, unlike other card readers that operate only on PCs. It can also work with other smart devices that come with USB facility.

Running out of digital storage space is one of the biggest problems we face in everyday life. While you are using a digital platform, like clouds, the physical storage space is much easier to handle. The limited storage may not fulfill your need. Pilot Entertainment is all set to put an end to that problem. Cloud storage is one of the most important storage space accessories in today’s world. However, after the iCloud celebrity photo leak, it is not always safe to store private information in the cloud.

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In this age of cloud storage, many have forgotten the old-school USB flash drive storage. The cloud is not available everywhere and sometimes cloud connectivity is a problem, besides the pricing. Therefore, Pilot Electronics has designed a powerful card reader which is portable anywhere you go. The GoDrive can be depicted as one of the best economical methods of data storage in modern times. Any smart device that is featured with 2.0 USB ports can use GoDrive. It gives extraordinary flexibility for managing files easily. It may turn up as an important tool for people those who are in favour of easily expanding storage capacity.

GoDrive: mobile USB micro SD card reader


GoDrive: mobile USB micro SD card reader

There are a number of ways to expand or upgrade the storage capacity. One of the best accessible ways which is used widely by the masses is a micro SD card. All you need to do is simply put the micro SD card in the correct slot and connect it with the device. You are now ready to transfer the file to the micro SD card from the device or vice versa. Once you are done with transferring the data, you can easily remove the card from GoDrive.

The GoDrive comes with a unique feature which is a keychain or lanyard. This feature will help you to keep your files and data safe while you are on the move. The protective cap will do the job by sealing the micro USB port and the card slot. Now you can easily get endless entertainment while you are traveling. GoDrive supports up to 128 GB of data to add extra storage for your smart devices.

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