The Impression TT: ultimate VR + AR experience

Eldon, Missouri – (StockNewsDesk) – 03/13/2015 —The Impression TT is the latest sensation in the tech market that has appeared with lots of promise for effective purposes. It is a highly fashionable and compact mobile VR HMD which is capable of position tracking along with 3D gesture input and AR overlays. It has been called a revolutionary VR headset. It is wireless offering endless opportunity to move anywhere you want and 3D gesture control. The position tracking concept is fantastic in this tech. The Impression TT can be depicted as a perfect combination of augmented and virtual realities. It is highly capable of providing you the best and most complete VR and AR experience.

It is a fantastic interface for virtual reality that can be controlled by your smartphone. The Impression TT is compatible with both Android and iOS platforms. The compact design is one of the best parts about Impression TT. It is foldable hence you can carry it anywhere you want for your best experience. You can even adjust the focal distance for a clearer and better view. The Impression TT is a powerhouse with computer vision. The ultimate experience has been magnified with specially designed sensing hardware along with advanced computing unit and algorithms.

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This tech has an amazing use in gaming. The computer vision algorithm collects information from your hand movements and processes the image of the hand to generate 3D gesture modeling. The concept of position tracking helps to do that properly. The algorithm is highly capable to perform well on your mobile platform. It enables the gesture control on mobile VR devices. Hence it is as easy and effective as traditional inputs. They are able to communicate with VR content in a natural way, control UI and take phone calls without having to take off the headset. It is all set to put up a huge importance in future.

The Impression TT: ultimate VR + AR experience

The Impression TT is composed of a dual camera module. It captures the real world and displays the same and then it overlays VR images and virtual objects for the ultimate experience. It comes with collision detection capability to deal with the obstacles and produce a real environment. The Impression TT has not been named as the high performance tech just like that; it comes with very effective capabilities. It is even capable of tracking head rotation with a smooth VR and AR viewing experience. The Kickstarter has arranged a fund raising campaign for this project and it is doing good enough justifying the expectation. Quality feedback from people will help the maker to make this better in the future.

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