Long-term Survivor of Diabetes Opens Up On Debut Medical Book

Pittsburg, Jan 7, 2019 (Issuewire.com) – A Chinese immigrant and romance novelist, Judy Chen, tackles the various ways she has cured her diabetes in her debut medical book, Diabetic Health Care: Building Good Living Habits. Living with diabetes for more than 18 years, Chen shares how she has endured and fought for her life. She hopes that people who have the same condition as hers can learn from her struggles.

Diabetes remains to be one of the leading metabolic disorders that affect millions of people. Around 4,600 diabetic patients die each year. A third of those diagnosed worldwide come from China and more than a quarter of them are Canadians. The disorder is known to cause other complications in the body like high blood pressure, liver, and kidney failure, and blindness.

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On top of proper diet and regular exercise, Chen emphasizes the consumption of seven essentials namelywater, protein, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins, minerals, and cellulose. By the following science religiously, Chen has kept her body healthy and strong. The book also promises a different take on curing diabetes, incorporating Western medicine with traditional Chinese knowledge like the concept of yin and yang or the so-called balance of good and bad in ones daily routine.

Chen is also the author of the multilingual romance novel, Fairy Tale Rising, which is loosely based on the authors life. It follows two people from different cultural backgrounds and their love for each other. The book is a fulfilment of the authors dream, her first step in pursuing writing as a career.

Diabetic Health Care: Building Good Living Habits

Judy Chen

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About the Author

Judy Chen is a Chinese immigrant who has struggled with diabetes. She wrote her first book upon moving to Canada. Her experiences with diabetes pushed her to change her lifestyle. She continues to live a healthy life and cultivate good habits to keep her body in top shape.

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