The MacBook Air: optimum power on your hand

New York City, New York – (StockNewsDesk) – 02/14/2015 — The MacBook has become more powerful for better and longer use. It has been named MacBook Air. It comes in two variants, 11 inches and 13 inches. Now you can grab all the power you need for effective usage purpose. It runs all day long. The 11 inches variant runs up to 9 hours at a stretch while the 13 inches variant runs up to 12 hours. Hence you can easily leave the charger at your home on your regular office days. The price of the 11 inches variant starts from $899 and the starting price for the other one is $999.

The incredible battery life will open a number of opportunities for you. You can work your computer now all day long. The professional spectrum has enriched greatly with this amazing tech. This opportunity and credibility is not limited to your professional world only but it can enhance your personal use too. You can have your long movie day or music day at its best. You do not have to get hooked up with a plug and charger all the time. You can set the mood of your party too. Now you have the power to play music for your party for a long time without any trouble. Apart from the usage without a break, you will also have standby time of 30 days with MacBook Air. Hence now you can grab your MacBook Air even after a week right where you left it.

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The MacBook Air does not only come up with great battery life but it performs other tasks effectively. It features fourth generation Intel Core Processor with Intel HD Graphics 5000. Hence no matter whatever the task you are willing to perform, everything will happen ultra fast. The energy consumption for the task is comparatively low from other computing devices. The MacBook Air is 2.38 pounds in weight. The unibody design is attractive and stylish enough to dazzle you at first go.

The MacBook Air: optimum power on your hand

The MacBook Air has been named as the next generation of wireless technology. It features the latest 802.11ac technology that captures the Wi-Fi speed it its best. It is capable of producing 3x faster performance than all the other previous generation. The MacBook Air comes with great flash storage that makes it 9x faster than other devices. Hence all the features and functions are readily responsive at a great pace. The flash storage even helps MacBook Air wake up faster and boot up faster. It comes with all the powerful apps that make it a better choice at any point of time. The MacBook Air is powered by the most advanced desktop operating system called OS X Yosemite.

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