Medilight HealthCare launches Hrich AAA ionized drinking water in refilling cans in Hyderabad.

Hrich aaa healthy drinking water cans

Hyderabad, Jan 1, 2019 ( – Medilight Healthcare Pvt Ltd is a premium front line company in Hyderabad that has been on front line for 3 years in the import and resale of alkaline water ionizers with brands Hrich alkaline water ionizer and tyent alkaline water ionizer all over india. Medilight’s admin and registered head office are located at Banjhara hills, Hyderabad. Now on the eve of their second anniversary the company has launched healthy drinking refilled in 20-liter cans with special properties alkaline antioxidant and active detox. This super hydrating water is branded as Hrich AAA healthy ionized water in Hyderabad.  In short Hrich alkaline water in Hyderabad.

In the launch event that happened at alankrita greenery resorts the launch was announced and detailed by the company managing director Shri Dr. Kandula Srinivas M.S Gen Surgeon, in the presence of Chairman, other board of directors, Company staff and popular media circles of Hyderabad. On the event, MD Dr. Srinivas detailed that in the present scenario of extremely polluted environment drinking regular clean or safe water no longer is going to be sufficient for protection and proper hydration. We need to change to clean and also healthy Hrich AAA ionized water to safeguard our loving family all round health. This water is a combination of both alkaline and hydrogen-rich which is the most healthy and first of its kind nature in India. The drinking water is first made clean and safe in its state of art ISO certified water purification plant at serlingampally village in Hyderabad. Later it is electrolyzed to convert into healthy hydrogen-rich water by a bunch of advanced specially designed ISO 13485 certified grade commercial water ionizers from World class leader manufacturer Yi Shan, Taiwan. Fresh clean drinking water after it is properly electrolyzed is filled in safe cans in hygiene conditions and door delivered at customers doorsteps almost anywhere in Hyderabad city. 

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For now, the company has launched only Hrich AAA healthy water cans but planning to come out with the same water in special glass bottles to stay away from plastic in one liter and half liter dimensions. Initially, as a launch offer the 20 liters cans are priced at 100 rs per can including delivery charges. There is a special inaugural offer of two free cans on the purchase of a monthly card of 30 cans immediately. The company in less than one year scope is planning to run a similar business model in all major towns and cities across Andhra Pradesh and Telangana. 

Hrich alkaline water benifitshrich commercial alkaline water ionizer

Source :Medilight Healthcare Pvt ltd. Hyderabad

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