The Nokia N1: the smart future is here

New York City, New York – (StockNewsDesk) – 03/04/2015 — Nokia is all set to create a huge buzz and to retain its position in the technology market with the Nokia N1 smart tab. This amazing gadget comes with the tagline that says ‘thinking ahead’. There is no doubt that this quality product will give you a better experience. In this present time, people are becoming very much accustomed to technology as it simplifies life. The use of smart devices like smartphones and tabs is increasing. Along with the stylish appearance, these technologies serve with the most capability so people can enjoy an easy life.

Each and every technology is limited by other technologies. Hence there is always room to go beyond and make it better. The Nokia has done just that. They have come up with a better tab experience which has been named the Nokia N1. This gadget has a unique appearance which is instantly eye arresting. It can magnify your style statement in no time. The Nokia N1 comes with the latest Nokia Z launcher. It is related to the home screen and makes things simple and effective to use. The smart devices are multitasking gadgets hence it comes with a greater size. Most of the time, the size of the tab is uncomfortable, which makes it tough to use while travelling or while you are engaged to do something else. Hence easy access will be something effective and attractive. The Nokia N1 is the exact one for your need. You can simply scribble a letter about what you are looking for and it will appear instantly.

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The Nokia N1: the smart future is here

This Nokia tab is powered by a 64 bit Intel quad core processor that makes this gadget ultra fast and clever. This gadget is smart enough to respond to your every need. It has a look of one piece aluminum body with satin finish. So it may make you fall for it instantly. The design is long lasting and effective. This device is composed of zero gap display which is perfectly balanced with the device thinness and lightness.  Hence you can enjoy a grand display of 7.9” for your movie clips and other usages. The Nokia N1 runs the latest Android 5.0 lollipop with Nokia Z launcher exclusively. It adapts to your usage and preferences to give you better experience. It is available in two colors. One is natural aluminum and the other is lava grey. It has a 3.5mm audio jack along with 2.0 USB port. it features 8MP rear camera with 5MP front facing camera.

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