Paint Clean Up Made Easy. Pretty Boy Launches in February 2019.

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New York, Jan 6, 2019 ( – PAINT CLEAN UP MADE EASY.


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NEW YORK CITY, January 6th, 2019.

Pretty Boy is an eco-friendly cleaner formulated to make any painting project quick, safe, and easy to clean up. Online launch February 2019.

Products By BMC, LLC is launching its first trademark product, Pretty Boy, The Painters Clean All. Pretty Boy is a non-toxic, efficient way to clean up paint brushes, rollers, and other painting equipment.

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Pretty Boy is a safe and versatile cleaner to use indoors with all water and latex-based paints and stains. A balance of cleaners and conditioners keeps paint brushes and rollers soft and flexible, making repeat usage possible without dry and stiffened bristles. Portable 8-ounce bottles easily fit in any tool bag that travels to job sites with professional painters or artisans. Pretty Boy is ideal for environmentally-conscious do-it-yourselfers, professional painters, artists, and art teachers.

Pretty Boy is available for purchase online, with purchasing options starting under $10, at

Pretty Boy helps ensure your finished product looks as good as hiring someone else to do it, says Brian Cooney. I enjoy helping people learn how to paint their walls like the pros.

About Brian M Cooney & Products By BMC, LLC

Brian Cooney is a professional painting contractor and entrepreneur based in NYC. Brian searched local stores for easy-to-use, non-toxic paint solvents that could effectively clean and condition paint brushes and rollers. With no luck finding one that met his standards, Brian set out to invent itresulting in Pretty Boy. Brian also teaches meditation and yoga classes in NYC.

About Pretty Boy Paint Cleaner

Pretty Boy is the simplest and most effective way to remove caked on paint from the skin and most surfaces. Pretty Boy is an essential and versatile cleaner for all professional and DIY painting projects.


For information, questions, or free sample, please contact:

Brian M Cooney, Founder

[email protected]


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