Pivotal Tracker 1: Track your 24×7 activities

New York City, New York – (StockNewsDesk) – 12/26/2014 — Pivotal Tracker 1 can be worn on all occasions as it fits flawlessly into your everyday life. It tracks your sleep as well as your daily activities. In the daytime, Pivotal Tracker 1 measures burned calories, traveled distance and steps taken. At night, it takes note of the duration of your sleep, the quality of sleep and also a silent alarm can be set to wake you up.

The Pivotal Tracker 1 does not look cheap and but neither is it comfortable to wear, due to the inflexible OLED screen. Four pins are on the back of the gadget that are implemented to charge the device. The Tracker 1 utilizes a proprietary charging dock so if you lose it, then you can’t do anything anymore. The battery lasts up to seven days, depending on the first charge.

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The Tracker 1 is similar to many trackers that are already available in the market. To keep the rubber band fixed on your wrist, the band has two small prongs you push into it. The Pivotal Tracker 1 includes a heart rate monitor and a GPS to track your activity easily. The band also features hydration tracking, and tracks the amount of calories you burn from your steps, other than listing the overall burnt calories. An average human being walks 2,000 steps per mile. The steps are counted but the distance is not.

Pivotal Tracker 1: Track your 24x7 activities

The Pivotal Tracker 1 has great dimensions; it weighs 10 gms and is 9mm thick and 15mm wide. It recharges within 60 minutes and the battery lasts for about 5-7days. It can hold data up to three days, but your smartphone app stores all the data. The device is rain proof, sweat proof and water resistant, however it is not applicable for extensive exposure to wet conditions, swimming and submerging. It has a three-axis accelerometer sensor. It also has Bluetooth 4.0 for syncing to Android and iOS. It is adjustable and fits on a wrist from 6 to 7-3/4 inches. The display and control is amazing with OLED display that works with a single button to fasten through stats.

The Pivotal Tracker 1 looks like just any other wristband but with a blue OLED display, the band is comprised of black thermoplastic polyurethane material and a metal clasp that can be easily adjusted. The button switches you into sleep mode with quick double pressing and a moon icon appears on the screen. The band vibrates when a user switches into sleep mode.

Pivotal Tracker 1 is greatly affordable as Pivotal Living offers Pivotal Tracker 1 for free with the Pivotal Living Subscription at $12 every year.

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