The PLEN2: first ever printable humanoid

New York City, New York – (StockNewsDesk) – 03/17/2015 — The PLEN2 has become successful enough to create some buzz in the world of robotics. It has been named as the first of its kind, printable, open source humanoid. It will out and out guide you in the bigger world of technology and will give you unlimited opportunity to grow as much as you want. Though it deals with a complex platform of robotics, you do not have to be a professional to get accustomed with it. Anyone can build it and personalize as per his or her desire. The Kickstarter has arranged a fund raising campaign for this project to grow in future. Our feedback and support might help the maker for better results in future.

The PLEN2 is simply a robot kit that carries servo motors, a control board and other necessary accessories. You can put everything together all by yourself for your personalized humanoid. There is no requirement of any technical knowledge to do that. The kit box is capable enough to do that. There will be no requirement of any special tools. All you need to assemble PLEN2 is a screwdriver. It has 18 joints and it’s maneuverable. The 3D data of the main components of the robot is available for free. Hence you will have unlimited opportunities to customize the data by using a 3D printer. So you can build the own original parts easily.

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The PLEN2 control board is fully Arduino compatible. Hence if you are a gadget lover then you can easily do some programming of your own to add some extra functions. The advanced technology and controlling system give opportunities to the professionals as well. The experts can use this tech for full fledged robot development. The PLEN2 brings you the unlimited opportunity to have fun. The best part of this tech is that it is not limited by any instructions. You can find out your own way how to use this tech effectively. It can carry your small things. It can dance and even it can play football with you.

The PLEN2: first ever printable humanoid

The PLEN2 can be operated with your smartphone, computer, tab and many other input devices. You can control this small robot with sensor devices too, like facial expressions, body motions and many more. It does not only give joy but also helps you learn about technology and robots. Even children can have some fun with it while learning important technical aspects easily. Students can learn about machine control, programming and electronic circuits easily.

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