The Remix: Android tablet with laptop experience

Eldon, Missouri – (StockNewsDesk) – 03/26/2015 — The Remix is newly introduced to make your Android experience better. It is a big Android tablet which is capable of giving a laptop like experience. Now you can get hold of the best ever Android productivity and communication experience. The Remix is all set give you the finest experience of using and creating content, and using Android apps. The best part you will find in this gadget is using multiple apps at a time with multiple windows. The Remix is powered by a 4.4.2 base Android. Hence it can be said that this 11.6” ultra tablet will give you mobile productivity along with a laptop like experience.

The Remix is a product of aiming to make the future of computing devices nothing but a huge mobile device. With this device you will be able to access all the apps available on Google Play while you can also perform almost every possible basic activity you do on your laptop. The Remix is the first of its kind, enabling multiple windows on a tablet in order to give you a better user experience. It might put an end to carrying both a smartphone and a laptop for your work. This device will be a good replacement for both.

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Both the tablet or smartphone and laptop have some positive features and negative features too. The Remix is a better device because it comes with all the positive attributes of both technologies by minimizing the problems. The laptop is an excellent device for productivity while a tablet is easy to carry, along with great battery life and touch screen input. The Remix gives you the mobility of a tablet along with the productivity of a laptop.

The Remix: Android tablet with laptop experience

No availability for a USB input device was a big setback for tablets. But there are no more issues like that with the Remix. You will have a 10 point touch screen for easy input and access. The touch screen is full HD; hence the visual is breath taking as well. The Remix comes with a full size keyboard and a touchpad. It plays an effective role in productivity. The keyboard is 5mm thin design hence it doesn’t produce any difficulty in the mobility. The keyboard has another purpose too. It doubles as the screen cover that protects your screen better. Kickstarter has arranged a fundraising campaign for this promising tech as it has managed to prove its efficiency for the future of computers.

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