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Madurai, Jan 5, 2019 ( – Pulsehyip is pleased to announce the launch of its new Security Token Offering (STO) service. In this guide, pulsehyip explain about what is Security Token Offering? STO vs ICO, Future of Security Token Offering, how to launch successful Security Token Platform ( STO) ?  and more

A security token offering (STO) is a legal and security of the ICO concept. Its a highly secured and legal way to raise funds using cryptocurrency and combines the benefits of ICO ( Initial Coin Offering) with the strength of regulated financial securities. An STO allows users to purchase digital token and digital coins as they do in an ICO.

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The investment is backed by physical assets or tangible items such as profit or revenue in a company, a physical asset or other structure which can be leveraged as an investment. A security token is a financial security like holding stocks or shares in a company.

Types of STO Development

1. Equity Token- An STO where each token is backed by the stock in your company so that investors can register themselves as part owners of the company and receive a percentage of voting rights.

2. Reserve Asset Tokens– Companies which trade in real-world assets, can launch an STO through us where the tokens are backed by real-words commodities like gold and real-estate etc.

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3. Debt Token- Debt tokens are issued by the company to debt investors when they are not backed up with real-world commodities or equity but promise to pay back.

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