The Spark: stay awake at work

New York City, New York – (StockNewsDesk) – 02/11/2015 —The Spark is the latest time piece that helps you to stay awake in addition to showing the time. It can be the ultimate friendly companion in your life. It was available before and re-released recently with many new features. Repeatedly dozing off in the afternoon is one of the most common problems we face. You may like to take a short nap in the afternoon but it is not possible when you are at work. Hence it becomes very tough to put in one hundred percent at work. As a result, your work is being hampered. The Spark will help you get away with it.

The only reason behind making the Spark is to help keep you awake at odd hours. The creator repeatedly mentions that point as part of the back story. When you feel drowsy at work or anytime when you have to work and you really do not have time to take a nap, tea or coffee is just not the best solution.

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The working pattern of Spark is very interesting. It has been developed effectively by keeping many things in mind. The prototype of Spark is being developed with a series of motion tracking algorithms. It helps Spark to understand and predict your conscious state. Hence it can be said that the Spark is intelligent and smart. Whenever it detects that you are dozing off, or have dozed off, it will give you a gentle vibration on your wrist so you can get back on track easily. The vibration pattern is great as well. It is not abrupt or heavy that can put you in an unpleasant mental state but it is soft and gentle which is easy going.

The Spark: stay awake at work

The Spark comes with a long battery life. It lasts for four days on average usage. It keeps you awake for a long time even when you are on a short trip. It is composed of an entirely stainless steel body construction that makes it durable and shock proof. It has a mini USB charging port, so you can plug Spark into your computer to charge it up. The elegant color display is attractive and breath-taking. It is also the thinnest smart watch available on the market. The Kickstarter has arranged a fund raising campaign for this product for future benefit and support.

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