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Souvik Sinha (Editor In Chief) Souvik has years of experience in journalism. He is a graduated in engineering and joined Stock News Desk as a Senior Editor. He also a wrote few Kindle titles.

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Rachayita Das (Assistant Editors) Rachayita has been working in various online companies and one of the editors at Meshpress. She joined Stock News Desk in Nov 2013 as an Assistant Editor

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Sayanika Dutta (Staff Editor) Saynaika has been working with Stock News Desk as a Staff Editor since  2013 and now has been an integral part of the team.

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Sankar Majumder (Staff Editor) Sankar has worked in Finance Market for about three years and with his experience.

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Author List

Andy Manalis

Andy Manalis, a guru in web hosting, domain name sales and entrepreneurship, lends his financial expertise to Stock News Desk. My knowledge of stocks, bonds, shareholder’s rights and the general fiscal world is tremendous. Follow me here, on Twitter or G+.  More….

Greg Henderson

Greg Henderson, an Internet Marketer and SEO Associate for a cell phone lookup site, and an find an email address site, offers his financial insights for Stock News Desk. Savvy, inventive and altruistic describe him best. More..

Jaimini Desai

I am a skilled writer who has been published on Seeking Alpha.Many of my articles listed in the top ten lists. I have expertise in technical analysis, fundamental analysis, and macroeconomic analysis.
Additionally, I write for Stock News Desk whenever I get time.More…

James Smith

I am a Seeking Alpha Writer. I studied economics in school, have worked in finance, and have been trading stock over 10 years. I am comfortable talking about macro-level material in terms of indexes as well as going into details about individual companies, depending on the scope of the topic. I am also familiar with both technical and fundamental analysis.More…

David Goehst

I’m Dave. A no-frills, high-quality cut-to-the-chase finance writer prepared to make whatever information you’ve needed over the years come to fruition. If it’s conceivable, consider it written. When I’m not contributing time to Stock News Desk, I’m working on several client projects and traveling the Lower 48 states. More…

Phillip Wilson

I provide quality industry news based on the recent surveys and happenings in the stock market. My approach is based on a deep knowledge and understanding of market dynamics and focuses on adding value to clients’ portfolios via thoroughly checked proprietary information and data source.More…

Prabir Sinha

I am a graduate student in Finance, have been a stock market writer and analyst from last two years. I write for StockNewsDesk on a regular basis providing industry news.More..

Marcel Jackson

I am an experienced financial content writer. I started my career as a Research Analyst conducting equity research. After working as a Research Analyst for six years, I have been promoted to Fund Manager. I also write content for few other news sites apart from StockNewsDesk.More…


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