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1.  Agreement The user of this site is expected to follow certain terms and conditions regarding the use and propagation of information disseminated by StockNewsDesk as stated below. If you disagree to the TOS (terms of use) laid down by this site, please refrain from using StockNewsDesk. You confirm that you are at least eighteen years old when you use this site. If StockNewsDesk comes to know through authentic sources that the user of this site has provided false information regarding his or her age, then the user’s registration is liable to be canceled. 

2. Changes to the TOS

i) StockNewsDesk may change or modify the TOS at any time without prior notice.

ii) The site’s content can be modified, discontinued or updated at any time.

iii) Fees of subscription or usage of this site are also subject to modification with a reasonable notice period. The user should check the site frequently in order to keep track of changes and modifications. You are expected to abide by the changes in rules, regulations, content and fees for usage as posited by StockNewsDesk. 

3. Important Securities Disclaimer You should not consider any information or advice given on this site regarding investments in stocks as personal recommendations. You should understand that investment in stocks is subject to market risks, and no security can be provided for any decision which you make. The bloggers and information providers of this site are not providing you personal advice and no one else apart from you will be responsible for any decision and its outcome even though it is motivated by the information shared on this site. There are multiple risk factors involved in stock exchange and discussion of a particular investment in stock will not be accompanied by a discussion of all these risk factors. Insufficient public float and low market capitalization may be a feature of some stocks regarding which content is published on this site. There are greater risks involved in the investment of these stocks than stocks of larger companies; therefore, the user should not assume that he is being recommended to buy these stocks when a related content is published. Although we require all employees to notify us about any stock in which they or their immediate family may harbor interest, if they mention such stock on a blog or a website of their own, which they maintain, then non employees or external bloggers will also have access to those blogs or sites. These outside bloggers may write about the stocks in which they or their firms have a position, and they may trade for their individual account that may or may not be subject to a confidentiality agreement. There may also be other restrictions for other bloggers in trading for their account. Therefore, you agree that at the time of a particular transaction that you make. An outside blogger may have a position in the stock about which information has been disseminated on this site. You understand that data is gathered from sources that are deemed to be reliable but calculations based on these data are not guaranteed to be exact or appropriate because at times the source may be questionable or incomplete. References may be made at times to previous articles published on this site. Since those articles are old while the stock market is in continuous flux, information garnered from the previous articles should not be considered reliable in conjunction with the present market. You understand that even a recent article may be followed by market events that changed information regarding data and stock published in the article. An article is published on this site according to the date of publication specified or indicated. The user will be responsible for adjusting his cache settings so that he/she has access to the continuously updated information. 

4.  No investment recommendations or professional advice StockNewsDesk does not provide professional advice in relation to tax, insurance or investment in stocks. You will be solely responsible for any decision taken by you in relation to these matters. The content of this site is published to provide a general overview of the stock market. The information providers do not encourage or recommend the buying or selling of stock in any manner.

 5. Copyright, Linking Policy and Trademarks The content published on this site is the copyright of StockNewsDesk and its third party information and license providers. You may copy and use the content (that can include text, documents, graphics, photos, links, services and other features) solely for personal and non commercial purposes. The proprietary rights and copyright policies must be retained when you download or print any content from this site for individual use. You understand that you do not acquire any publication or ownership rights by copying and using content from this site. StockNewsDesk has the sole authority for that purpose. The site may post links to another third party website or contents that will have their own copyright policies and terms of use. Please read these policies carefully before using their content. You also understand that StockNewsDesk does not endorse these third party sites or the information provided by these sites. It has no control over the content published by these sites. StockNewsDesk will not be responsible for any decision taken by you after reading the content of third party sites or this site. You will be solely responsible for any losses or damage incurred that may be directly or indirectly caused by reliance on the content provided by this site or other third party sites. We try to provide quality Apps to our users, but in the event of any losses or detrimental effects caused by their use, StockNewsDesk will not be responsible. This part of the TOS will not be subject to amendment. 

6. User Conduct Copying, republishing or transmitting content from this site in any manner to online bulletin boards, chatrooms, newsgroups or other public forums is prohibited unless prior permission is obtained in writing for this site. Legal action may be initiated against you if you use information from this site for commercial purposes. Similarly, legal action may be taken against you if you violate proprietary rights and copyright regulations by changing content in any manner from this site for non-personal and commercial usage. You will be solely responsible for protecting your account and password against unlawful usage. StockNewsDesk will not be liable for any losses or damage suffered because of unauthorized use of your account. StockNewsDesk reserves the right to terminate your account registration at any time. 

7. Overview of posting news: Monitoring content. The users of StockNewsDesk are allowed to post content on this site and also share articles; links to other sites and private messages through the Site’s messaging system. The site holds the right to change or deletes content posted by registered users in its sole discretion.  It does not tolerate abuse, discourteous language or violation of conduct in any manner while posting an article or comment. The site encourages constructive debate. People held responsible for hurling abuse or insults at others may be permanently banned from using this site. Decisions regarding moderation are all done manually… The site expects an author to disclose information about his business relationship with a company if he had named that company in an article written by him. Users are requested to contact us through [email protected] in case they have any comments, suggestions or complaints about our policies.

 8. User submissions: Online rules of conduct users are expected to submit articles that are standard in content and contain information that will be useful to users. The content should adhere to the topic concerned. The position of stocks (both long and short) should be mentioned in user submissions at the time of posting the article. If the user has any personal interest in the stock about which he is writing (if you wish to buy or sell a stock within three days of the submission of the article about that stock), that should be mentioned. You should maintain a neutral attitude while writing about a stock, you should not try to influence opinion regarding the stock’s value for your own buying or selling plan. If you choose an alias, you will be responsible for all the actions carried out using  that alias. Update your registration data to ensure accuracy. 

Do not do the following things: Post unlawful content (content you are not authorized to use) Use alias that seems offensive in any manner. Post confidential information. Violate copyright and proprietary laws. Violate local, national and international laws. The regulations of the American stock exchange, New York Stock Exchange, Nasdaq Stock Market and U.S. Securities and Exchange commission should also be followed. Post faulty content. Post content that is harmful in any manner. Post content containing viruses and other malicious software.

 9. Responsibility of User submission A user must acknowledge responsibility for the content submitted by him in the User Submissions to this site. StockNewsDesk cannot be held responsible for the accuracy or appropriateness of the content posted by a user. The site does not provide a guarantee for the quality of the article posted by a user in any manner. 

10.  Disclosure Any disclosure regarding User submissions will be made sorely by the discretion of StockNewsDesk. If any content is required to be accessed for compliance with Governmental regulations or for any other reasons such as the inspection of fraud or for the enforcement of terms of use or for any technical problems, StockNewsDesk may do so. StockNewsDesk may carry out any actions required to protect the interests of its users and others. 

11.  Disclaimer of Warranties StockNewsDesk and its employees do not provide warranty regarding any products, services or information shared on this site in any manner. It disclaims any warranty over anything expressed or implied on this site, including non-infringement of rights and other issues. 

12.  Limitation of liability. StockNewsDesk and its employees, directors, agents, advertisers or affiliates are not liable for any kind of damage caused in any indirect or incidental manner by the content posted on this site. StockNewsDesk is not bound by any contract to provide any kind of security or reparation for any damage or losses incurred by using this site. By using this site, you affirm that no one else apart from you will be liable for any damage caused by either the purchase of any product through this site or the use of content posted by this site.

13.  Indemnification You agree to provide indemnity to the employees, directors, agents and other representatives of StockNewsDesk from the charge of liability for any kind of damage or losses incurred by:

i>using this site.

ii> your violation of the Terms of Use.

iii> infringement of third party rights.

iv>any charge of damage caused by one of your User Submissions. These obligations of indemnity from your side are mandatory and permanent and will not be subject to any amendment, even if there are changes made to the TOS by StockNewsDesk. 

14.  Termination Your access to this site may be terminated by StockNewsDesk at any time without any prior notification in certain circumstances. The reason for such termination may be any of the following.

i>failure to adhere to the TOS

ii> requests by Government, Jurisdictions or other regulatory bodies.

iii > infringement of third party rights or intellectual properties. There may also be other causes for the termination of your account. The decision, for that matter, rests solely with StockNewsDesk. 

15.  Copyright Policy StockNewsDesk expects you to respect the intellectual property of others. If there is any infringement of intellectual property by you, your account may be terminated with or without prior notice. Please note that under Section 512 (f), knowing misrepresentation of any third party material is also an infringement of copyright and may cause the termination of your account or initiate another legal action against you. 

16.  MiscellaneousThis site is meant for those who can use the content of the site legally in compliance with their respective jurisdictions. If a person who uses this content resides under a jurisdiction where the use of such content is against the rules, then StockNewsDesk will not be responsible for the individual’s violation to the laws of that jurisdiction. StockNewsDesk reserves the right to provide its services for particular geographical areas and jurisdictions and will not be liable for an individual’s use of content from a geographic location where its services are not provided. Please note that the quantities of any service or product provided by the site may also vary from time to time according to the decision of StockNewsDesk


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