The Trippy Clip: holographic lens powered by Nano tech

Kokomo, IN – (StockNewsDesk) – 01/20/2015 — The Trippy Clip optical technology has come up with an all new technology for smart phone camera lenses. It is a holographic lens powered by Nano technology. This versatile camera lens is not only dedicated to smart phones but any phone with a camera can utilize this new tech at its best. It has come up with the greatest innovation ever for mobile photography. The Trippy Clip comes with prism lens and fisheye lens technology. The current camera you are using in your mobile might seem to be good enough for your party use or daily life use but it is not good enough for your creative mind. It is no fun for the professional photographers. Hence the Trippy Clip can provide you something that may excite your photographic talent using your phone.

The Trippy Clip allows you to create color changing photographs and video while you can also create holographic photographs using this unique tech. In addition to being compatible with all the mobile camera lenses, it will be compatible with your laptop camera, as well.

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The stretch goal of the maker for the prism lens is $25,000. As soon as it reaches the stretch goal, the maker will be able to release the product in the market. The prism lens requires a lot of manufacturing and shipping work along with assembly work, which is impossible within $15,000. Hence the maker is looking for the $25,000 stretch goal. The Kickstarter has taken the initiative to reach the common masses with this amazing tech and they are looking for backers to make this tech possible.

The Trippy Clip: holographic lens powered by Nano tech

Once you get the Trippy Clip, it will open up new dimensions for your photographic creativity. This clip can cover up to 2 cm from the edge. Make sure your mobile camera is within 2 cm from the edge to use this amazing lens. Simply clip the lens on your mobile lens to capture amazing photographs.

There are many memorable moments all around you. You may want to capture those moments so you can cherish them after many years. A better camera can make them even more special. When you talk about photography, there is nothing more important than the lens in the technical area. The Trippy Clip can enhance your camera performance to the optimum heights with a Nano tech powered holographic lens that can make your photos appear absolutely magical.

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