The Widerun: immersive VR 3D biking experience

New York City, New York – (StockNewsDesk) – 03/19/2015 —  The Widerun is all set to give you the first ever VR biking experience. Now you can fulfill your dream of riding on the roads you have never imagined. The best part about this tech is that you can experience this adrenalin rush at your own home. The immersive VR tech will take you to the place by creating a 3D ambience around you while you will be physically located at your home or any other place of your choice. Now you can ride anywhere you want. It can be an entertaining experience for anyone and will give something extra to those who love adrenalin sports. It could be a great training tool for those who like to take part in these sports physically, as well.

There is no doubt that Widerun will give you a jaw dropping experience of biking with immersive VR visuals. It has been designed for interactive fitness training. There are many people who like to use a cycling kit for fitness training at home. It could be a boring experience hence people lose their interest after a few days and the cycling kit becomes a complete waste. The Widerun can make it interesting and effective. So the bottom line is you are going to have an ultimate biking experience at your home with unlimited 3D virtual world ambience. Hence exercising has never been more fun.

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The Widerun has three prototypes right now. Each carries some unique features to give different biking experiences and to enhance the overall biking experience. The first prototype is dedicated to simulate the resistance experience. The second prototype works on both resistance and inertia. Both the prototypes looked good at the beginning but failed to give a good user experience. This happened because of poor communication between the trainer, which is the bike, and the hardware, which is a computer or smartphone. Later problems have been minimized by the maker while they come up with a 3rd prototype with robust steering option. It has a Bluetooth smart communication procedure to connect the hardware and the trainer properly and gives ultimate user experience.

The Widerun: immersive VR 3D biking experience

There is no requirement of any professional expertise to make it work. It comes with a simple plug and play concept. The Widerun has been designed particularly for the VR experience. But if you do not own a VR headset then you do not have to be upset as there is a way out. The Widerun is compatible with external screens as well, such as a smart TV. The Kickstarter has arranged a fund raising campaign for this project. Interested people can back this project so it can become more effective and better in future.

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